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Starting 5 W 15$ Tourney!

Making A Weird Make A Starting Five With Fifteen Dollars Tournament! So Here's How It Will Work We Will Have 16 Creators In Here And I Will Have A 16 Creator Bracket. You Will Make Your Starting 5 And I Will Make A Poll For Who Had The Better One And Will Keep Doing That Till It Is Over. There Will Be A Different One Every Time! So Come On And Join If You Would Like It Will Be Really Fun!

Feel Free To Ask If You Don't Understand!

Spots Left: 0

  1. KingK

  2. MeWasntHere

  3. MohidHassan

  4. yxzin_4

  5. JColeTheGOAT

  6. NormalKingsFan

  7. BasketballTalk

  8. sixersGM

  9. SchlenkSystem

  10. cfdog27

  11. Amdaymond

  12. Curry4MVPS

  13. BBallEnthusiast

  14. GreenBayPackers

  15. Lakeshowszn

  16. AsapChoen


  1. SuperKyrieFan

  2. Cantstopthis