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Lakers and Nets

Honestly the Lakers are in the worst position in the in NBA, and not far behind them is the Nets. They traded all their picks for stars and their stars aren’t good enough to win games. The Lakers suck on offense and the Nets suck on defense. For the Lakers, Lebron is too old to get young guys and multiple picks. You might get back, a young guy who doesn’t get opportunities and first for Lebron to a middling team. I Westbrook’s contract age and playstyle make him unmovable without giving up assets. No bad team wants AD because you can’t build around him (he’s too old and injury prone) no good team wants him because why would I give up picks and young guys for a guy who never plays. You might get some bad contracts and one young guy who doesn’t play, but that’s about his value.The Nets have been Simmons , who is playing so bad, and he doesn’t have a high ceiling offensively and making 35 million dollars. No contender would match that salary for him. A mediocre team may give up a late first for him if I had multiple picks in the draft but that’s his whole value, a late first round pick. Team didn’t even want to sign Kyrie in the off-season so no one will give up much of anything to sign Kyrie. Kyrie has no value right now, but as teams get desperate they’d give up vets they don’t want and maybe a young guy who doesn’t play. And KD is bad for cultures. He unceremoniously left OKC, a great organization like the Warriors he left behind and demanded out of Brooklyn for doing what he choose. If I were a GM, I would be hesitant to give the house for a dude like KD. You may convince a middling, team to give up one rising star role players and 2 first but I think that’s his value. Those deals aren’t enough to rebuild properly which sucks. So I ask what should they do? Did I get around their value right? Am I being dramatic? What are you best trade proposals? (Please don’t give me that pacers trade or Jazz trade, even getting those deals done the Lakers STILL won’t make the playoffs in my humble opinion)