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Ignore Trade Read notes WHO DISLIKED THIS??????




+1 pick,
Cap Impact - $2.6M
  • draft-pick-player

    2022 - Round 1


+ 0  Wins

-3.00  MPG

+0.08  Off.

+0.14  Def.



+1 player ($-2641.7k)
  • Udonis Haslem


    Udonis Haslem
    PF, 6' 8", -0.22 LEBRON
    Recently Signed, Roll + Cut Big




+ 0  Wins

+3.00  MPG

-0.08  Off.

-0.14  Def.

I'd like to apologize to everyone for the trouble, here's how it started.


Basically, it starts yesterday or the day before, and I notice that Alan B and KingCrossTheMan are nearing a deal, and in fact agreed. Then, I throw out an offer, KingCrossTheMan agrees. Well, it's really confusing because he keeps saying "deal" to both of our offers, so yeah pretty confusing. So then, Alan B and I are arguing about stuff, who should have it and things like that, slowing it down. Then, when I first logged in, I realized that there was a pole, and I think that I should have it because the deal was pretty much agreed to, however, not official (Alan B didn't put it in the trade thing) by the time the deals were agreed to, so I felt like KingCrossTheMan had the right to choose whichever offer he wanted which he said that mine was better.

TODAY: So then, I'm out of control, I'm mad, and I am trying to trade likes for people to vote for me. So overall I gained probably 1 vote from it, however, it backfired a couple times. So then, im annoyed and pretty much calling everyone who didn't vote for me a traitor, obviously not right. So I'm just mad and then I block Alan B, and Aruobey just because those 2 know each other. So then, WHY and I are having a fight, he blocks me.

WHAT MY PLAN IS: So what I want to do is a semi-compromise of this deal.

Alan B gives: 56 + 13th rd + 2023 SRP for 51

Then KingCrossTheMan gives: 51 + 2nd rd pick for 61 + 9th rd pick

I give: 61 + 9th rd pick for 2 seconds + 56 + 13th rd pick

So pretty much a win-win-win trade.


First, to Coopgt33, Luka4TheGame, all of Jason Hura's burner accounts, George Kittle, and all of the other people, I AM NOT leaving yet

Second to WHY for the fight, that was my fault. If you won't unblock me I understand, although I'd appreciate it if you would

Third to Raptors fan, RKenne, Daboss, Juniorlad, Alan B, and more for either saying something mean about you I dont mean anymore or for helping, and for Daboss for slowing this process down.