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Who is the Frontrunner for Each of these Awards?

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  • Jokic, Nikola
    Jokic, Nikola
  • Jackson Jr., Jaren
    Jackson Jr., Jaren
  • Wembanyama, Victor
    Wembanyama, Victor
  • Quickley, Immanuel
    Quickley, Immanuel
  • Maxey, Tyrese
    Maxey, Tyrese
  • $4

  • Doncic, Luka
    Doncic, Luka
  • Mobley, Evan
    Mobley, Evan
  • Holmgren, Chet
    Holmgren, Chet
  • Hardaway Jr., Tim
    Hardaway Jr., Tim
  • Barnes, Scottie
    Barnes, Scottie
  • $3

  • Tatum, Jayson
    Tatum, Jayson
  • Antetokounmpo, Giannis
    Antetokounmpo, Giannis
  • Thompson, Ausar
    Thompson, Ausar
  • Thomas, Cam
    Thomas, Cam
  • Cunningham, Cade
    Cunningham, Cade
  • $2

  • Embiid, Joel
    Embiid, Joel
  • Davis, Anthony
    Davis, Anthony
  • Hawkins, Jordan
    Hawkins, Jordan
  • Paul, Chris
    Paul, Chris
  • Sharpe, Shaedon
    Sharpe, Shaedon
  • $1

  • Curry, Stephen
    Curry, Stephen
  • Gobert, Rudy
    Gobert, Rudy
  • Lively II, Dereck
    Lively II, Dereck
  • Monk, Malik
    Monk, Malik
  • Simons, Anfernee
    Simons, Anfernee
  • $0


    Note: Ignore the prices

    We're about 1 month into the NBA season, so who do you think is the favorite for each award so far? (I chose the top 5 based off betting odds)

    Pick one per column