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Every year there’s something who will shock everyone in the league. Who predicted that Andrew Wiggins will be an All Star Starter? Who predicted that Jokic could be a B2B MVP? And the most shocking thing, who predicted that, 3 superstars teaming up, Westbrook, AD and Bron’s lakers, miss the playoffs and the play-in? There’s always things that dropped your glasses, and some Cinderella stories. This just makes the NBA way more interesting, and entertaining. And this idea comes up on my mind…


In this challenge we will have 16 spots (can add some more if there’s many ppl want to join), every player will make a what-if situation, situations is whatever you want about NBA

For example Mikal Bridges will win MVP next season, the Brooklyn Nets will miss the playoffs next year, Austin Reaves will win MIP, Luka Doncic will be leading the league in rebounds, OKC will win the championship, Robin Lopez will make the All Star team etc.

These are all just wild examples, but sometimes it might be true after next season ends.

So what u need to do is :

when i open a page to let everyone submit their What-if (will be after all 16 spots are filled in), u just type in the comment what wild things u think will happen next season (better be more realistic, don’t make predictions for the memes…)

You can also type in why you can see this happening so it can give everyone a new thought.

Once everyone submitted their What-if, I will make polls for everyone (ppl who’s not in the challenge can vote too) to vote which one u think it’s more wild, more unpredictable, but at the same time realistic, and u can see it happening

It will be in a tournament style, meaning that there will be sweet 16, elite 8, final 4 and the championship.

Voting for each round last for 3 days

So don’t hesitate to join! It will be fun and maybe the predictions u made right now will be true 1 year after (it’s gonna be so satisfying if u rlly got it right)

Sign up nowwwwww!!!

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