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Trade negotiation for 2k14 mock mid-season trade period


if you don't make a trade within this mock, you won't be able to get the GM points winner even if you somehow won it with your players or team awards

and if you don't make a trade this trade period, your GM points will just rely on your FA moves, which means way less in GM points, so yall better at least get 1 trade done

pls understand me doing this, cus it is real disappointing for me that 5 trades were negotiated, and all consist of Hawks

im trying to get this mock more active, and more fun, so pls contribute if you did sign up

as always, pls type your trade block and target down below in the comment section

also if you hvn't make a roster, pls make one now, with salaries, and send the link of your roster to me

standings mid season are as follows:

no teams need a change of direction, so pls refer to the directions i set for teams in the main 2k14 mock post

pls read the trading rules in the mock post, there's some big chances, some of the rules that you have to pay attention to

some of the teams, there's no GMs for it. I will take control of those teams, but i will just receive trades, i won't send trades out, i will negotiate with you, to avoid robbing

for finalized trades, i will be using a Woj format, simply i will report it with 1 post

if you have a trade done, pls use a new message down in this post to report it, it will be the best if both sides or every team who's in that trade can type confirm on the reply of that msg

i will try to post every 1 year deal guys asap, so you can see if you need to trade him with a half year deal left

mid season trade period ends: 28/11 HKT 11:59 HKT