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Rank the unknown prospects #2

Just a fun challenge, see how you would stack up these prospects based off the information given. If you have questions, feel free to ask.

1st list:

3rd list:

4th list:

5th list:

6th list:

7th list:

8th list:

Prospect A

  • 6-1 height

  • 6-8 wingspan

  • 21 years old

  • 190 IBS

  • Powerful, chiseled frame that allows him to bully past smaller players to the rim as he goes downhill

  • Great first step, great lateral quickess, 40 inch vertical

  • Decent handle, can make spin and cross moves to get to the rim

  • Active on-ball defender and can be lock-down at times, ideal for point of attack defense, solid team defender, plays the passing lanes well

  • Great playmaker in the open court, a natural fit with his bulldoze towards the rim, uninspiring playmaker in the half-court

  • Jumpshot both off the dribble and of the set shot is inconsistent

  • Draws a decent amount of free throws, shoots 74% at the line

  • Can mentally check out of games when he doesn't get going at times, can speed himself up even when it's unneeded, gets tunnel vision to get to the rim often

Prospect B

  • 6-2 height

  • 6-7 wingspan

  • 180 IBS

  • 20 years old

  • Great first step, Exceptional lateral quickness, 38 inch vertical

  • Smaller frame

  • Solid catch-and-shoot player with a high release point and elevation off the ground, has range out to 3 point range, can put the ball on the ground for a pull-up

  • Not the greatest handle, but it can get him a shot if needed

  • Not much of a playmaker, not to be counted on to run a offense

  • Doesn't get to the line that often, converted 67% at the line in high school and college combined, not the best finished at the rim

  • Tenacious lock-down on-ball defender, sticks to his man like gorilla glue off-ball, prideful on defense and takes his match-up personally

Prospect C

  • 6-6 height

  • 6-7 wingspan

  • 195 IBS

  • 24 years old

  • Mediocre first step, below average lateral quickness, less than 30 inch vertical

  • Good anticipation on open passing lanes and a creative playmaker, sometimes can be turnover heavy

  • Opporates the pick-N-roll effectively, going through his reads and keeping his dribble alive, can run a half-court offense

  • Has a crafty handle

  • Uses both hands to finish at the rim, but is still not good around the rim as a finisher due to his limited athleticism

  • Capable off-ball player, can come off screens for shots

  • Has 3 point range on the jumper, but the jumper is also inconsistent at the moment to be fully relied upon

  • Is incredibly confident and shows a ton of emotion on the court

Prospect D

  • 6-6 height

  • 6-10 wingspan

  • 20 years old

  • 225 IBS

  • Decent first step, 33 inch vertical, average lateral quickness, not a explosive athlete, but certianly smooth

  • Stocky, built, possesses a lot of power

  • Sharp handle with creativity and flare at the forefront of all his moves, shifty as well, but tends to overdribble and gets tunnel vision going for style points

  • Doesn't draw many free throws, converts 66% at the line

  • Erratic, yet gifted court vision, can look like Magic Johnson one play and Kendrick Perkins the next, can sparingly run the offense with a drive and kick game

  • Can be a lock down on-ball defender with his physicality, length, decent quickness, and relentless energy

  • Team and off-ball defense is consistently inconsistent

  • Inconsistent pull-up jumper from mid range, not much of a 3 point threat, much more of a rhythm shooter than a catch-and-shoot guy

  • Not a explosive finisher around the rim, but is crafty and skilled at converting up close

  • Plays the game off his emotions, that works both for positive and negative consequences for him, shows emotional immaturity

Prospect E

  • 6-3 height

  • 6-5 wingspan

  • 22 years old

  • 190 IBS

  • Not stocky, but a fairly strong frame

  • Top tier first step, great lateral quickness, 35-ish inch vertical, changes direction with ease

  • Decent handle, shifty, explosive, nice cross and splits double teams with ease, at times leaves his handle a little high and dry

  • Runs the pick-N-roll well, excellent usage of ball screens, gets into the paint quite frequently, likes to go to his right hand a lot

  • Competent in the half-court as a playmaker, but nothing exceptional, great in the open court, can get tunnel vision at times and become turnover prone

  • Can play without the basketball effectively, can spot up

  • Finishes at the rim with some sucess, small hands do sometimes get in the way though

  • Gets to the free throw line with great regularity, 76% once at the line

  • Great awareness and reaction time, helps him in situations with quick reads

  • Competent on-ball defender, stays in front of his man, solid off-ball defender too

  • Jumpshot is inconsistent off the catch, pull up jumper is a work in progress