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Who are some overrated NBA players?

I wanted to make this post about a comment I just got. I said "Bridges > Simmons" and the guy said I needed help and then proceeded to swear at me. Personally, in a fantasy draft and overall value wise, Miles is better than him as a scorer, this year and is younger. I'll let you debate that in the comments but this ignited me to want to talk about overrated players in the league.

Ben Simmons

I've seen trades of Simmons for 4 FRPs and other young notable names plus contract fillers and it's "fair." I believe he is way too overvalued even before the Atlanta series. I think he's worth 2 FRPs and a solid young name with a good bench player. Morey has been overvaluing him for too long and I don't see the appeal of him since a lot of the triple doubles he gets are stat-padded.

Talen Horton-Tucker

Back at the 2021 deadline, I saw a report where LA said they wouldn't do THT, Schroder, KCP and a pick for Lowry because of THT. At the time, I didn't get it and I still don't. I think the Lakers had found their next star to build around but that has definitely not been the case this year. At this point, he may be worth an FRP or young player around his talents. I still don't understand why Lakers fans value him as good as Marcus Smart.

Myles Turner

This one's going to be controversial. Now let me say, I think Turner's play style is rare as a 3-&-D big man with good rebounding but his stats aren't as good and it feels like he didn't live up to his potential. In 2017, a lot of people believed he was the next All-Star center but he didn't turn out that way. His stats don't show it and I just feel that offers for him are way too much.

Lauri Markkanen

You probably didn't expect this one but he's overvalued a lot. He's having a down year in stats and splits this year and it may be working in Cleveland but personally, they should trade him for a more traditional 3.

Honestly, there are a lot more names I could talk about (and I may) but these are some names I've seen as of recent. LMK what you think and who do you think is overrated?