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Rank the unknown prospects #1

Just a fun challenge, see how you would stack up these prospects based off the information given. If you have questions, feel free to ask.

2nd list:

3rd list:

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Prospect A

  • 6-6 height

  • 6-8 wingspan

  • 22 years old

  • 210 IBS

  • Not stocky, but has wide shoulders and a strong frame

  • Average NBA athlete with a unspectacular first step

  • Smooth and fluid handle, nice crossover, though prone to overdribbling

  • Body control around the rim is notable

  • Solid footwork, can create his own shot on the perimeter

  • Good court vision, can run a half-court offense and sets teammates up with a drive and kick game

  • Comfortable in the open court and in the pick-N-roll, plays with confidence

  • Uses a nifty spin move quite often when trying to get to the rim

  • Has a viable floater shot

  • Got to the FT line a decent amount due to his aggression to get to the rim, shoots 75% at the line

  • Has some life with his pull up from mid range, not much of a 3 point shooter though, much more of a rhythm shooter than a catch-and-shoot guy

  • Can take smaller players into the post and score

  • Acceptable on-ball defender due to his versatility, strength, and length, fairly switchable

  • Solid team and off-ball defender, does a good job at tracking down shooters

  • Exceptional rebounder for his size

Prospect B

  • 6-7 height

  • 7-1 wingspan

  • 23 years old

  • 205 IBS

  • Solid lateral quickness, great baseline to baseline speed, near 40 inch vertical, solid burst in his first step

  • Slimmer frame, will have to fill out a little bit more

  • Capable on-ball defender with his quickness, length, and is willing to play defense

  • Solid off-ball and team defender, disruptive with his length

  • Has a nice shooting stroke, gets great evevation on his jumper, has 3 point range, can be prone to inconsistencies, can be jump shot happy

  • Isn't ball dominate, makes the extra pass, moves well without the ball, extremely unselfish

  • Nice lob target

  • Great in the open court as a finisher on the break

  • Doesn't get to the free throw line much

  • Doesn't create his own shot that well, nothing more than one dribble

  • Isn't someone who will run a offense, doesn't have the court vision for that

Prospect C

  • 6-7 height

  • 6-8 wingspan

  • 210 IBS

  • 20 years old

  • Solid frame, but currently not filled out and will need to do so

  • Good baseline to baseline speed, vertical, and first step, average lateral quickness

  • Smart off-ball player, makes cuts and can come off a screen for a shot

  • Has a competent enough handle to create his own shot

  • Can be a playmaker out of the pick-N-roll, makes the extra pass, has decent court vision, can sparingly run the offense

  • Great form on the jumpshot off the catch and bounce, has 3 point range

  • Gets to the line fairly often with his drives, good free throw shooter (82%)

  • Can finish with both hands, his left hand especially

  • Versatile on-ball defender, smart team and off-ball defender

Prospect D

  • 6-8 height

  • 7-0 wingspan

  • 215 IBS

  • 20 years old

  • Strong frame, wide shouldered, lanky

  • Great baseline to baseline speed, solid vertical jump, first step, and lateral quickness, fairly explosive athlete

  • Versatile defender, can guard most players on-ball at a high level

  • Disruptive team defender with his length and athleticism.

  • Solid rebounder

  • Nothing exceptional, but can provide some weak side rim protection

  • Great on the fast break as a finisher

  • Not a adapt playmaker, not someone who will run a offense

  • Jumpshot is wildly inconsistent, will take time to develop

  • Post game is limited to just overpowering smaller players with his athletic capabilities

  • Isn't a skilled finisher in the half-court

  • Awkward and unrefined handle

  • Is mediocre at drawing fouls at the rim, he shoots 69% at the line

Prospect E

  • 6-8 height

  • 6-11 wingspan

  • 215 IBS

  • 20 years old

  • Frame is already of a ideal wing, has more room to grow still

  • Great first step, lateral quickness, 39 inch vertical

  • Movement is extremely fluid and smooth

  • Great range on the jumpshot, nice catch-and-shoot player, and signs of a pull up jumper

  • Shows signs of a handle, although unrefined

  • Doesn't force the issue, plays smart

  • Great off-ball player, both as a cutter and shooter on the move

  • Nice court vision, makes the right play and also even some advanced reads

  • Disruptive team defender as he's smart off-ball, trails shooters well, uses his length to block off passing lanes, and is great as a point of attack defender

  • Finished with either hand and does it with either force or finesse

  • Solid rebounder

  • Dynamic in transition as a finisher at the rim or from 3 point range

  • Gets to the free throw line a decent amount, 80% when at the line