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3 Winners and 3 Losers in the Donavan Mitchell Trade

Winner: Utah Jazz

Utah is coming out as pretty big winner here. They are getting a good player in Collin Sexton, Lauri Markannen, Ochai Agbaji, and 3 unprotected first round picks plus two swaps. This is a really good return for the Jazz. They add talented players for one thing. Collin Sexton is really good when he is healthy. Lauri has been inconsistent in his career, but he has been pretty good at times in his career. Ochai Abaji was just a lottery pick in the 2022 draft and is a good 3 and D player. Add on 3 unprotected first round picks and two swaps onto that, and it just makes this deal perfect for the Jazz. They are big time winners in this trade.

Winner: Collin Sexton

Collin Sexton is also a big winner in this trade. Has he stayed with the Cavs, he would’ve been coming off the bench and not getting the opportunity’s he was getting 2 years ago. Now with the Jazz, he will once again have a chance to shine. He will likely be starting and will likely be the #1 scoring option. This will give him a chance to get back into his 24 ppg form and be an important part of the Jazz rebuild

Winner: Utah Jazz fans

My last winner is Utah Jazz fans. No longer will they have to suffer watching the exact same team do the exact same thing every single year. They now have some more exciting players to watch and can look forward to the future with all of the picks that the Jazz have acquired recently. It will suck to see both of their star players in different uniforms next season, but Jazz fans can definitely be excited about this teams future.

Loser: Cleveland Cavaliers Defense

The Cavs have improved their team a TON offensively, but I am seriously worrying about their defense right now. Having two 6”1 guards who don’t really give you much defence at all isn’t a recipe for success defensively. They might be really good offensively, but defensively they won’t be able to guard PGs or SGs very well. This could end up being a problem for them, especially in the playoffs

Loser: Project 6”10

Project 6”10, as I like to call it, has officially ended. I was hoping to see Lauri, Mobley, and Allen all playing at the same time again, but that can’t happen now. I thing those 3 players playing together could’ve been a nightmare for the league. It was in the few times they played together last season. It disappointing that we will never get to see what could’ve happened if those 3 players were together on the court for longer.

Loser: New York Knicks

I don’t even know what to say at this point. How could you possibly screw something like this up. The Knicks had all of the assets to trade for Donavan Mitchell a month ago, and they clearly wanted to trade for him. The Jazz even lowered their asking price! The Knicks, being the Knicks, screwed this up though and now will not have Donavan Mitchell on their team next year. This is honestly just sad.