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Officially a fan of the Will Hardy hire and I know next to nothing about him

I really appreciate that we didn't cave to Mitchell OR Gobert's camps, and in a more philosophical way, we didn't cave to the Miller or Jazz Culture's camps either. Mitchell (presumably, just making my best inferences) wanted Johnnie Bryant, one of his best friends in the league. Gobert (again, presumably) wanted Alex Jensen, a Quin Snyder 2.0 who would set him up for all the personal success he could ever want. And, historically, the Jazz would want the safe pick, the pick that would set them up to be a consistent playoff threat for years to come, but the downside of such a pick is that we already know what that coach is, we already know their limitations. In a similar way to my draft theorizing, I desperately wanted the upside swing, to go for a coach that would have a chance to break us through that taunting ceiling of mediocrity. Will Hardy is the youngest coach in the league, unproven as a head coach, without any Utah Jazz ties. That doesn't scream win now, that doesn't tell me that the Jazz are enchanted with that idea of being a consistent winner, but not a consistent champion.

Will Hardy is something new, something that the Jazz haven't had experiences with.

We also haven't had experiences with winning championships. Food for thought.

P.S. Here's hoping this is followed with Gobert and Mitchell trades!!!