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Seeing How Many Draft Prospects I Can Name

TBH I don't really pay attention to the draft til later in the season like Feb/March so I don't really know many prospects. I'm gonna list as many as I can. Plz don't meme me.

Note: These aren't in order, just the guys that came to mind

  1. Victor Wembanyama

  2. Scoot Henderson

  3. Amen Thompson

  4. Ausar Thompson

  5. Dariq Whitehead

  6. Cam Whitmore

  7. Baba Miller

  8. GG Jackson

  9. Kel'el Ware

  10. Mojave King

  11. Nick Smith

  12. Anthony Black

  13. Gradey Dick

  14. Drew Timme

I probably know more but I'm just blanking right now