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Just to make sure your updated on everything- Here is the links related to my league

Day 1 Auction - This auction is over, but if you want any of the remaining players, you can make a bid for 1 and they will become part of your squad.

See who you got in Day 1 Action - The title kinda gives it away but if you still haven't checked it out press the link and see if you received any of the players you bid for.

Day 2 Auction - This has just began and will be running from 8 AM - 5 PM, today's teams are knicks/pelicans/grizzlies. Remember you only have $150 to build a complete roster.

See who you got Day 2 Auction, Im adding this here in case you're curious who you got, make sure to make a line-up.

Auction Day 3 - Yes, it has arrived again, todays teams are Pistons, Rockets, and Kings, so want a rebuilding team? Come here!

Trade Post - It has just arrived guys! Be the first to trade! Tell everyone who is OTB and who you want now!

Betting - Yes, I have just added a crazy feature, betting, to know more information on it, visit the link