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We’re back with more delusional trades made by Rockets fans themselves

Safe to say that the pandemic of delusion has spread out through the entire Rockets space in this site. This is not good for the state of fanspo, lockdown should be declared.

5 of the most recent delusional John Wall trades:

Delusional John Wall Trade #1: https://fanspo.com/nba/s/rockets/trades/6T3nlyURdh8ydu/why-not

Delusional John Wall Trade #2: https://fanspo.com/nba/s/rockets/trades/wYNQWpdsbSVhQF/do-the-pelicans-do-this (at least he doubted if the Pelicans would accept)

Delusional John Wall Trade #3: https://fanspo.com/nba/s/rockets/trades/c7gRxOsxZFI1bB/ben-simmons-a-rocket

Delusional John Wall Trade #4: https://fanspo.com/nba/s/rockets/trades/2A4WaaaFt-sfC4/indiana-restarts (really thinks they could get TJ Warren for John Wall)

Delusional John Wall Trade #5: https://fanspo.com/nba/s/rockets/trades/3PfERFpejn2myI/warriors-get-out-of-wiggins-due-to-mandate

Bonus Trades:

Trade Made by Praveen’s burner: https://fanspo.com/nba/s/rockets/trades/dWHrCQTkQrxQrd/ben-simmons-ends-up-in-houston-comment-your-thoughts

Delusional Myles Turner Trade: https://fanspo.com/nba/s/rockets/trades/oCzypqSdPG7Tbn/fair-trade

God bless the Rockets fanbase. It doesn’t get worse than this. Let’s hope they can find a trained psychologist to cure them from depression after the James Harden trade. May Jalen Green save this franchise.

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