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Official Fanspo Custom League (OFCL)

I tried doing this a few months ago, but I wasn't fully committed into doing this. Now, I am.

How The Teams Work

We are starting from scratch and making a brand-new basketball league. There will be 30 teams, but we are not allowed to use any of the names for the current NBA teams. You decide the city and the team's name for your team. I will be the Las Vegas Jokers. There will be 15 teams in the west, and 15 teams in the east.

Fantasy Draft

We will be doing a fantasy snake draft filled with current NBA players. We will be doing 5 rounds to fill up the starting lineup. You can trade picks and players you've picked. Rookies cannot be drafted during the fantasy draft.


We are going to be doing an auction to fill out the rest of your roster. You have 75 Auction Points (let me know if that's too much or too little). You can trade Auction Points and players you signed. Rookies can be signed here. Max amount of points you can sign players to is 20.

New Playoff Format

This is where it takes a wild turn. There are going to be all 30 teams selected to random groups at the start of the season. 6 groups, 5 teams. The best two teams from each group makes the playoffs. It's going to be 12 team playoffs, best of one series.

NBA2k Simulation

Every two months (in 2k time), I will be streaming a game recorded on 2k. There will be weekly updates on the standings.

2023 NBA Draft

Everybody has one first-round pick for the next three years. Second round picks are worthless, we are not doing a second round. The bottom two teams from each group will compete in a tournament for the #1 pick.

Weekly Challenges

Every week, I'll give you guys a wacky/weird challenge you must complete. If you don't, there will be a punishment decided by the punishment wheel.

Team Rosters:


Negotiation Page:

Trade Post:



West Teams:

Las Vegas Jokers: Chrisgon0203

Long Beach Dutts: Dametime2010

San Fransisco Drummers: Splashking

Vancouver Ice Bears: MiamiHurricanes

Colorado Springs Sparks: DraftAnaylist

Texas Terminators: Jhavoc08

St. Louis Red Devils: WHY

Vancouver Grizzlies: DarthFader

Portland Basket Brawlers: LogoLillard

Seattle SuperSonics: 26brees

Henderson City Hoopers: mnort_WindyCity

Palm Springs Paradise: tradekuzma

Springfield Simpsons: zaratecelste20

Los Angeles Fever: MeWasntHere

San Diego Sunshine: olseneli000

West Is Filled

East Teams:

Brooklyn Buckets: Thunderstruck

Ottawa Knights: Kyrie11BKN

Boston Da Bean: pmh05059

Baltimore Bandits: DH10

Rainbow City Satellites: Curry4MVPS

Wisconsin Suiis: GoPackAndGoMavs

Miami Riders: THEGRUDGE

West Georgia Metro Stars: SchlenkSystem

Correct Answer: Armchairgm

Orlando Dragons: mohid_hassan

Bloomington Bulldogs: HairyHooper

Helltown Devils: JoshJacksonPOG

Atlanta Jaguars: DaLegend1

Atlanta Spartans: king_julixnn

Philadelphia Cheesesteaks: StephforMVP


Round 1