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🚨BOLD PREDICTIONS FOR EVERY NBA TEAM🚨(PART 1)!!!!! Chrisgon0203 Article #7

Denver Nuggets:

Jamal Murray will be terrible after his injury, and he will be terrible from the field.


D'Angelo Russell will shoot better from three than Damian Lillard and Joe Harris. I think this because Russell will fully healthy and he will finally show what he is capable of.


The Thunder will beat the Nets every game in the regular season. I think this because Lugenthz Dort will be able to lockdown Harden, like we saw in the 2020 playoffs.


Damian Lillard will be traded by the end of the season. I think this because Damian Lillard will be frustrated at the front office for not giving him the help he needs on the court.


Joe Ingles is better than Mike Conley. I got a lot of hate on my top 50 list when I put Ingles over Conley. But here me out. Joe Ingles was top three in true shooting percentage, he shot 45.1 percent from three, and he was a sixth man of the year candidate. He also beats out Conley in every stat category.


Klay comes back perfectly, and he does not struggle. I think this because Klay has been ready to play, and when he comes back he will feel right at home.


Paul George will be an MVP finalist. I think Paul George will have a fantastic year without Kawhi Leonard. Also, Paul George will have more defensive opportunities.


They will not make it to the NBA finals. I think this because Russell Westbrook is known to choke in the playoffs, and take all the shots. He can't do that when he has Lebron, but Westbrook does not understand that he needs to stop being selfish.


Chris Paul will have the best season of his career. I think this because he knows this is his last opportunity to win a chip and so he will be more motivated than ever.


Buddy Hield will be traded by the trade deadline. I think this because they got Tyrese Haliburton who is young and plays the same position as Buddy Hield.


The Mavericks will be in the play in tournament. I think this because Kristaps Porzingis is always hurt, and Luka has no real help.


John Wall RETIRES. I think this because he is injury prone, and no team wants his HUGE contract. If he gets bought out, I still think nobody will want him.


Ja Morant puts up Derrick Rose MVP type numbers. I think this because he reminds me of Rose! He is very athletic and acrobatic.


Zion declines his contract offer and he leaves New Orleans. I think this because it has been rumored that Zions family does not like New Orleans. It also does not help that Lonzo left.


Greg Popovich retires at the end of the season. After many years of coaching and championships, he decides to call it quits.