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Sneak Peak of a future mock

I will be starting a new mock in a few weeks from now, will be a BBGM mock. I will give you all a sneak peak of a couple new features that will be in this mock. Wanted to see what people thought of them before I use them in the mock.

Profit System

Winning championships is not the only thing owners are there for. They also need to gain as much profit as possible. Profits are dependent on regular season success, championships, playoff rounds won, tax penalties, payroll, expenses, etc. More information about the specific amount of gains and tax penalty will be posted when the mock begins.

There will be other expenses which you need to set which are health, coaching, and facilities. Setting a higher expense on health means your players are most likely to stay more healthy, setting higher coaching expense means better player rating progression and development, higher facilities expense means better attendance revenue. The challenge is that if you put your expenses too high, it will cost you a ton of money, so it is up to you to find the right balance.

My career option

You can choose to be a player or a GM. Maximum is 10 players. I will post 10 different builds which you can choose, you will be a part of the 2022 unsigned free agency period as 19 year olds where teams are free to sign you. There will be attribute training sessions where you choose which attribute to upgrade, you as the player are free to decide where you want to go when you are a free agent, the amount of money you make will be kept track of.

Early Sign Ups

Atlanta Hawks: Bron

Boston Celtics: JTDTGOAT

Brooklyn Nets: jazzutah92

Charlotte Hornets: ChrisGon

Chicago Bulls: Cantstopthis

Cleveland Cavaliers: JHavoc08

Dallas Mavericks: BadgersGM

Denver Nuggets: SixersGM

Detroit Pistons: DarthFader

Golden State Warriors:

Houston Rockets: SchlenkSystem

Indiana Pacers: supercurryfan30

Los Angeles Clippers: VigneshTman

Los Angeles Lakers: lakeshowszn

Memphis Grizzlies: GreenBayPackers

Miami Heat: MnortWindyCity

Milwaukee Bucks: ArmChairGM

Minnesota Timberwolves: KingcrosstheALT

New Orleans Pelicans: KnicksTape

New York Knicks: Knicksfannmatt

Oklahoma City Thunder: amdaymond

Orlando Magic: Basketball

Philadelphia 76ers: BadgersGM

Phoenix Suns: Olseneli000

Portland Trail Blazers: LogoLillard

Sacramento Kings: Gogiants

San Antonio Spurs: Steel_houston2

Toronto Raptors: TheRaptor

Utah Jazz: KingK

Washington Wizards: SplashKing

Player 1: Small forward, Offensive minded athletic ball handler: GoPackandGoMavs

Player 2: Center, Inside scoring, defensive stud: TheRaptor

Player 3: Forward, Combination of strength and athletic interior scorer: tradekuzma

Player 4: Forward, Sharpshooter with strength: Tyo

Player 5: Point guard, Offensive minded, ball handling, playmaking, and shooting: MeWasntHere

Player 6: Point Guard, Athletic ball handling defending playmaker: DenverSportsFan

Player 7: Forward, Jack of all trades versatile player master of none: mohid_hassan

Player 8: Shooting Guard/Small Forward, Athletic perimeter ball handling scorer: Steph4MVP

Player 9: Forward, Versatile 3 level scorer: Curry4MVPS

Player 10: Center, Ball Handling stretch big with strength

UPDATE: Mock will be starting on Sep 11 or 12th

Extra Info: Mitchell, Beverley trades, and Harrell signing will be included when we start