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Rank the unknown prospects #5

Just a fun challenge, see how you would stack up these prospects based off the information given. If you have questions, feel free to ask.

1st list:

2nd list:

3rd list:

4th list:

6th list:

7th list:

8th list:

Prospect A

  • 5-11

  • 170 IBS

  • 22 years old

  • Small frame

  • Unmatched footspeed, lateral quickness, and first step, explosive leaper

  • Hard worker, tries on defense, but his size does make it difficult in match-ups against bigger guards

  • Loves to push the pace, good court vision, extremely efficient playmaker

  • Inconsistent mid range jumper off the dribble, even more inconsistent from 3 point range, more of a rhythm shooter

  • Not the best finisher at the rim, although he can get there fairly easily with a nice handle and blazing fast speed, great in transition

  • Doesn't get fouled often, shot less than 50% at the line in college

Prospect B

  • 6-3 Height (w/o shoes)

  • 6-5 wingspan

  • 200 IBS

  • Typical frame, nothing remakable in any area

  • 22 years old

  • Below average baseline to baseline speed, 34 inch vertical, nice first step

  • Score-first guard with great elevation on his jumper, a decent handle, and can make tough shots

  • Can pull up off the dribble from mid range and from 3, but his shot mechanics make these shots inconsistent, can catch fire though and get on a roll and take over a game quickly

  • Likes to have the ball in his hands, can get frustrated without touching the ball for long periods of time, more of a rhythm shooter

  • Can play make to some degree with the pressure he puts on the defense, but doesn't show the upside to run a half-court offense like a floor general, he gets tunnel vision often

  • A gambler defensively, mediocre on-ball defender with off and on focus as a off-ball and team defender, does anticipate well when focused on that end though

  • Draws fouls at a low rate, shoots 83% at the line

Prospect C

  • 6-4 height

  • 6-9 wingspan

  • 21 years old

  • 180 IBS

  • Slimmer frame, needs to bulk up some

  • Quick first step, great in the open court, good lateral quickness, and apparently has a 48 inch vertical

  • A pest of a on-ball defender with his wingspan, fast hands, footwork, and lateral movement

  • Jumpshot looks decent, but he has no mid range game and a inconsistent at best 3 point shot, he's not a catch-and-shoot player and he prefers to get into a rhythm jumper

  • A lefty, he heavily relies on going left for his drives, finishes with his left hand on the right side of the basket more than his right hand

  • Handle is unrefined and playmaking instincts are limited, needs to significantly improve if he wants to run a offense at any point

  • Decent free throw rate, shoots 72% at the line