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Defending Ben Simmons

Wooh, this should be fun.

Ben Simmons has been averaging 15/7/8 for the last 4 years. He is a big PG, the size of a PF, with incredible defense, something you rarely see. He uses his length to his advantage for his consistent amount of playmaking.

He didn’t show up in the playoffs. He can’t shoot 3’s. We know his game flaws, but I believe Ben Simmons has a fair reason for wanting out of Philadelphia.

Breakdown Of Simmons’ Game:

You can look at the flashy pass sequences leading to dunks, they are so satisfying, or the powerful hook shots. But what I really want to touch on is three things:

  1. Driving Ability

One on one, able to cut past the shoulder. The sure confidence driving into the paint for a dunk. The sheer power with the reasonable speed entering the paint is menacing. Many defenders aren’t even trying to stop Simmons, they know they can’t.

  1. One-Handed Assists

Lobs. bounce passes, no matter what type, Simmons is a master at it. Throughout the highlight reel, you can see how with only one hand, he can fit the ball through any-sized gap, sometimes between 3 defenders. He also uses that one hand to perfectly weight lobs for Embiid.

  1. DE-Fence

We know this is the strong suit of his game. He does not turn his back while tracking a man in the paint, and is able to follow him like a Hawk. Reads passes before they happen. Good at transitioning, taking a steal and turning it into a drive and a finish, or making up for a turnover and getting a block.

Simmons’ Weaknesses:

3-Point Shooting:

As an NBA player in this day and age, he should be a lot better, or at least attempt more. He needs to gain a consistent form, but hasn’t tried enough.

Free Throws:

IDK, haven’t seen this part of his game that well. All I know is that I can’t make a free throw to save my life, so I understand his problems.


He doesn’t want to embarrass himself. When he puts the thoughts of his publicity aside and hate from fans (will talk about them later), he can become a better player.

Why Ben Simmons Has A Reason To Hold Out:

Ben Simmons always takes dunks. Always. I am a Hawks fan, so I am happy he didn’t, but that one play changed everything. He thought it was a better opportunity to pass, not being aware at the time how Gallinari would make up ground/positioning or his space above the rim.

He messed up once in a big moment, and that was the end of it.

Sizers fans have the nerve to hate in Simmons ALL THE FLIPPIN TIME even though he has been a big piece in the Process, and now they are hating on him for trying to leave the hate.

Mental health was a big topic in the Olympics, and I think it should be here. Ben is being hated by the whole fanbase, most of the media, and a good portion of the COUNTRY. He has probably received a few death threats. His teammates don’t seem to care when he makes big plays (look at the highlight reel again). His teammates even bash on his name.

Ben Simmons is not perfect. No one is, only the Lord. Sure, he could work harder and commit more in some aspects of his game, but for most of us in school, we have emotional problems, not wanting any hate from bullies (In this example, Sixers Fans, or his own teammates). I perfectly understand if Simmons can’t take the pressure of thousands of people watching him. I do this with 30-40 in soccer games. Ben hasn’t even hit his prime yet, and he is a sure All-Star with HOF talent.

Yes, I said it. Simmons is something different, if he puts it all together (on another team) in the next few years then he will have the ability to be a Hall of Famer. He is being ridiculed for a few mistakes, but he still is an All-Star.

He still is a professional.

All the people hating on him aren’t the ones who have given their life to the game and play it at the highest level. They didn’t have the talent. Ben does, even now with his flaws.

He is being destroyed verbally, so he wants to restart. I understand his side of the story. If I was being constantly bullied by giant groups of people at school on an hourly/daily basis, I might think about moving schools. That doesn’t mean I agree with holding out, you need to do your job for the business that hired you. His thought line behind the holdout, though, I can see.