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Curry4MVPS Trade Deadline Mock 2023 Draft

Order: (time on or before to make your pick)

  1. Wizards Victor Wembanyama (picked by Curry4MVPS)

  2. Magic Scoot Henderson

  3. Pistons Brandon Miller

  4. Rockets Amen Thompson (picked by Curry4MVPS)

  5. Hornets Cam Whitmore (picked by Curry4MVPS)

  6. Spurs Nick Smith JR (picked by Curry4MVPS)

  7. Thunder Ausar Thompson

  8. Raptors Keyonte George

  9. Blazers Kel'e Ware

  10. Raptors Gradey Dick

  11. Pels Jett Howard

  12. Pacers Maxwell Lewis

  13. Hawks Taylor Hendricks (picked by Curry4MVPS)(ik many of yall gonna be mad at this, but GG can't work with Trae, GG is not too gd off-ball, while Hendricks definitely is)

  14. Jazz GG Jackson

  15. Jazz Brice Sensabaugh

  16. Bulls Dariq Whitehead (picked by Curry4MVPS)

  17. Magic Terquavion Smith

  18. Kings Leonard Miller (picked by Curry4MVPS)

  19. Bulls Kyle Filipowski (picked by Curry4MVPS)

  20. Lakers Anthony Black (picked by Curry4MVPS)

  21. Nets Cason Wallace (picked by Curry4MVPS)

  22. Grizz Ryan Rupert (picked by Curry4MVPS)

  23. Miami JHS (picked by Curry4MVPS)

  24. Rockets Jordan Walsh (picked by Curry4MVPS)

  25. Hawks Jordan Hawkins (picked by Curry4MVPS)

  26. Warriors Kris Murray (picked by Curry4MVPS)

  27. Jazz Marcus Sasser (picked by Curry4MVPS)

  28. Wizards Terrence Arceneaux (picked by Curry4MVPS)

  29. Pacers Derek Lively (picked by Curry4MVPS)

  30. Clippers Baba Miller (picked by Curry4MVPS)

Pls rmb that drafting also counts for a part of GMP, so make sure you draft well, if you want, same as the trades, you can add explanations on why you do the trade

If you didn't make your pick on time or didn't give your draft board:

1. I will help you to make the pick if im here (maximum 7 GMP awarded)

2. The guy with the next pick can help you make it (pls don't troll and try mess up their GMP)(maximum 7 GMP awarded)

Mock starts now, you can alrdy make your pick if you see this post and if it's your turn

Cus my timezone is very different from yall, i'll try my best to keep this drafting quick as possible

The season result are here, pls check them out too:


cus after draft the mock is over, no point to trade