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All Teams Final Roster/Rotation/Picks In The Accidental Genius Mock

Atlanta Hawks - Red Velvet Venom

Boston Celtics - Basketball

Brooklyn Nets - JHavoc08

Charlotte Hornets - LADodgers

Chicago Bulls - Lightzout☄️

Cleveland Cavaliers - Patrick Thanos

Dallas Mavericks - Vika’s Fan

Denver Nuggets - Jeremy Wynett

Detroit Pistons - ArmChairGM

Golden State Warriors - Christian Gonzalez

Houston Rockets - Accidental Genius(Me)

Indiana Pacers - ThreeTeamTradesNBA

Los Angeles Clippers - Nick Roth

Los Angeles Lakers - Westbrook=MVP

Memphis Grizzlies - LaurenceIsAlwaysAsian

Miami Heat - Raptors fan

Milwaukee Bucks - WHY

Minnesota Timberwolves - pg7

New Orleans Pelicans - A Duck

New York Knicks - Nickynyc

Oklahoma City Thunder - Igc

Orlando Magic - GoGiants26

Philadelphia 76ers - SixersGM

Phoenix Suns - Alanb8

Portland Trail Blazers - thepizzalover

Sacramento Kings - DaBoss052

San Antonio Spurs - Baller G

Toronto Raptors - knicksfanmatt

Utah Jazz - Grantula

Washington Wizards - Jordan Poole Da 🐐🐐


Which teams do you guys think did a good job? Which ones did a poor job?

Please share your thoughts on the GM’s performances in this mock.


Update on the NBA 2K22 Simulation

The Playoff Standings will be out tonight along with the awards & everything. I will sim all the games tomorrow & give you guys the 2022 NBA Championship Winners!