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Basketball GM Ownership Mock: Main Post


This will be the 3rd mock I am running. The goal is for this to go as long as possible. This will be simmed on BBGM. In my past mocks, the focus was all about the GM aspect, trading, signing FAs, drafting players, etc. This mock will still have all those aspects, but there will also be the financial aspect.

Player rating

The player rating scale is different in BBGM.

All time great: 85

MVP Candidate: 75

All star: 65

Average starter: 55

Average bench player: 45

Bad player: 35

You can ask me for ratings of your players if you want.


Regular Season Wins: 1 million per win

Playoff Rounds Won: 5 million per playoff round

Conference Finals Appearance: 15 million

NBA Finals Loss: 25 million

Championship: 60 million

Superstar player: 15 million per player

24 or under rising star: 5 million per player

Ticket Revenue: Depends on how much you set your ticket price to and how many people come to your teams's games. Please send me this too. For context 75 dollars is average.


There are 3 expenses which you have to set, let me know of this when you sign up, for context 24.66 mil is average. That is coaching, facilities, and health. Spending more on coaching means better player development, spending more on facilities means more fans will come to your games and keeps players happy, and spending more on health means less injuries. Your team payroll will also count for your expenses and luxury tax penalties if applicable.

Player Mood and Demanding Trades

Basketball GM has a mood rating. It will determine how happy a player is on that team. It is a scale from <1% to 100%. If it goes to 5% or below and has 2 or less years left on his deal, he will demand a trade and sit out games, and he will never change his mind about the trade request.

If he has more than 2 years left on his deal, the mood rating has to be <1% for him to demand a trade and sit out, if the mood rating improves to over 10%, he will come back and play for you.

Only players with a rating over 65 can demand a trade.


There will be 2 stoppages where you can make trades in season. One after 1 month simmed through the season which will last 2 days. The other will be the trade deadline which will last 4 days. I will be posting standings, injuries, league leaders, and award leaders. You can ask me for player stats if you want.

Salary Cap and Luxury Tax

The salary cap will be set to 123,655,000 and the luxury tax is set at 150,267,000. Going over the luxury tax will result in paying a tax penalty which will be a part of your expenses. The luxury tax penalty is calculated as follows: (Team Payroll-Luxury Tax)*1.5


All trades follow all the NBA rules of trading. I will allow 2030 picks to be traded. Trades that are unrealistically lopsided will be vetoed. You are not allowed to trade players that signed contracts in 2022 free agency until stoppage 1.

Roster Size

You can have up to 17 players on your roster. 14 is the minimum. The due date to be roster compliant is Sep 18 10:00 AM EST. If your roster is still below 14 when the deadline passes, the worst rated player in unsigned free agency will be added to your roster. If you are over 17 when the deadline passes, the 2nd worst player will be cut automatically.

MyCareer Portion

You also had the option to be a player. The people that signed up to be players get to decide themselves about where they want to sign and negotiate with GM's about the money. The goal is to try to have as good a career as possible and try to make as much money as possible. There are attribute upgrades that will occur for the myplayers. There is one right now which you have till Sep 18 10:00 AM EST to upgrade. You will have 4 attribute points to use. The attributes available on BBGM are strength, speed, jumping, endurance, inside scoring, Dunks/Layups, Free Throws, Mid Range, 3pt shooting, Offensive IQ, Defensive IQ, Dribbling, Passing, and Rebounding

Unsigned Free Agency

We will be doing unsigned free agency which will also close on Sep 18 10:00 AM EST. The MyCareer players that people signed up as in this mock will also be available in unsigned free agency. You get to offer them contracts directly. They as the players get to decide where they want to go and money they want from teams. They are GoPackandGoMavs, tradekuzma, Tyo, MeWasntHere, DenverSportsFan, TheRaptor, mohid_hassan, Steph4MVP, and Curry4MVPS. So reply to them directly about negotiating contracts, don't post an offer in the unsigned free agency post because they might not see it, send an offer directly to them.

For normal NBA players in unsigned free agency, I play as the perspective of the player. Check to see how much cap space you have. If you are over the cap without being in the tax, you have access to the league minimum and the non tax payer mid level exception which is worth 10.49 mil if it wasn't used during the IRL offseason, if it was, you cannot use it. Same thing for the taxpayer exception worth 6.479 mil if you are over the tax. Can not be used if it was used IRL. Same goes for the room exception worth 5,401,000.

You can cut players, but their cap hits will still be on their books till their contract expires.

Teams currently not roster compliant

Rockets: 4 over

Thunder: 3 over

Pistons: 3 over

Raptors: 3 over

Jazz: 2 over

Bucks: 2 over

Sixers: 2 over

Grizzlies: 1 over

Nuggets: 1 over

Spurs: 1 over

Final Rules

  1. Keep it civil

  2. No burner accounts (If someone suspects anything, let me know)

  3. Read this whole post, there is a lot of important information.

  4. Make your roster so people know who has who.

  5. Have fun!


Miles Bridges (FA): 2 seasons

Danny Green (MEM): Out for the season

Chet Holmgren (OKC): Out for the season

EJ Liddell (NO): Out for the season

Scottie Lewis (CHA): Out for the season

Jaren Jackson Jr (MEM): 35 games

Gary Harris (ORL): 60 games


Atlanta Hawks: Bron

Boston Celtics: JTDTGOAT

Brooklyn Nets:

Charlotte Hornets: chrisgon0203

Chicago Bulls: Cantstopthis

Cleveland Cavaliers: JHavoc08

Dallas Mavericks: BadgersGM (Interim)

Denver Nuggets: SixersGM

Detroit Pistons: DarthFader

Golden State Warriors: tcpride23

Houston Rockets: SchlenkSystem

Indiana Pacers: supercurryfan30

Los Angeles Clippers: vignesh_tman101

Los Angeles Lakers: lakeshowszn

Memphis Grizzlies: GreenBayPackers

Miami Heat: MnortWindyCity

Milwaukee Bucks: ArmChairGM

Minnesota Timberwolves: KingCrossTheALT

New Orleans Pelicans: KnicksTape

New York Knicks: currytop10

Oklahoma City Thunder: amdaymond

Orlando Magic: Basketball

Philadelphia 76ers: BadgersGM

Phoenix Suns: Olseneli000

Portland Trail Blazers: LogoLillard

Sacramento Kings: GoGiants26

San Antonio Spurs: Steel_houston2

Toronto Raptors: DH10

Utah Jazz: KingK

Washington Wizards: SplashKing


Trading Block (Put all the players on your trading block here):

Unsigned Free Agency:

Finalized Trades: (Post your finalized trades here, don't do it anywhere else)

Trade Negotiation Page:

UPDATE: You have till Sep 20 10:00 AM EST. I will simulate one month of the season after this deadline