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Thoughts on Cavs eliminated

Don't treat this as a bad thing, i actually did want them lose not because i like the Hawks. Think of the future, Cavs traded theyir frp, but it's lottery protected. Pacers won't get their pick and Cavs will have like a 14th pick. THey can draft elite defensive wings like Eason or Brown that will be super impactful for them. Tdy's 2nd half of the game, Trae young just keep use the switch to matchup Markannen, Allan and Mobley, which is a big mismatch. If Cavs draft one of these guys and play him at SF, it will provide them another solid defender. Guys like Eason or Brown can definitely guard guys like Trae, and will improve this Cavs team so so much.

Cavs is a surprising team this year. But surprising teams sometimes will just falls right out after this season (like last year knicks and hawks (a bit disappointing)). This lottery pick will provide a super valuable asset, and make the Cavs future even better. Losing this year doesn't matter, it benefits their long term.

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