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About a week ago, I made a poll about what type of auction mock we should do. 20 people voted total, and they said they want to do an auction mock where we get to build around a legend of our choice. After we go through every phase, I will sim on 2K.

Here is how this is going to work:


  1. In the comments below, tell me what your base team will be.

  2. After you tell me what your base team is, tell me who you want as your legend. Your legend has to be someone that is on the All-Time team of the team you chose, and you cannot say something like "Oh, I want to be the Nets with MJ as my legend", or "Oh, I want to be the Hornets with Kobe as my legend". IT MUST BE SOMEONE THAT IS ON THE ALL-TIME TEAM OF THE TEAM YOU CHOSE AND IS SOMEONE THAT ISN'T A CURRENT PLAYER.

  3. No duplicate players: This applies to both current players and legend players. Some of the players that are on these All-Time Teams are current players, and they will end up being in the auction phase(will get to those details later). Also there will not be any clones of the same legend. For example, if someone says "Oh, I want to be the Magic with Shaq", then someone can't say "Oh, I want the Lakers with Shaq", or "Oh, I want the Heat with Shaq". They must choose someone else.

  4. No trades yet: Don't go like "What for this player?" yet. I will explain why later

  5. Also keep in mind that guys like Reggie Miller and Charles Barkley aren't in the game of 2K, so they will not be available options.


  1. Once all 30 teams fill up, this phase will start.

  2. Every player in the league will become a free agent, except for the legends you chose. Those players will stay on your team for the duration of the mock(unless you decide to trade them).

  3. Every team gets $150 to bid on players(excluding your legend). The maximum bid that you can make is $50.

  4. If multiple people tie for a bid on a player, then I will spin a wheel to see who will get that player.

  5. During the auction you can sell players for certain prices, but you cannot trade your legend. You also cannot include one of your own players in a transaction to get another player during this phase. And if a team buys a player for a certain price, regardless of how much they were making with the team that sold them, that will be their new salary(example: If Team A won a player for $10, and they sell them to Team B for $15, then their new salary will be $15)

  6. Some of you guys might remember this poll I did a while back: https://fanspo.com/nba/s/general/p/eItpIcSn1SGvkH/what-is-the-most-stacked-division-in-the-nba. We will be doing every part of the mock based on the results of this poll.

  7. Every auction period will last 24 hours


  1. After the rosters are set, this is where we start trading.

  2. All draft picks will be reset. OKC won't have their plethora of draft picks, and the Nets will get all of their draft picks back.

  3. The contracts will be for how much you got the player for during the auction phase. For example, if you get Paul George for $25, then that will be his salary.

  4. All legends will have $50 for their salary if you end up wanting to trade them.

  5. If I believe a trade is lopsided, then I will make a poll to determine whether it will get vetoed or not.


  1. BE ACTIVE. If you say that you want to join this mock and then end up being inactive for 2-3 weeks(I have seen that happen many times), then I might remove you from the mock.

  2. During simulation, injuries will be off. This will be to see what the full potential of these teams will be if they were fully healthy(Don't worry those who want to go after KP or Zion!)

  3. Below are some teams and some options for legends. Each one is the top 3 highest rated legends that are not currently in the NBA. These are just suggestions, and you don't have to take them if you don't want to. Some of you might be asking "Hey Cole, why do you have Nash listed as a legend when the Suns already have CP3?". Like I said in the phase 1 description, everybody will get released into FA besides your legend.

  4. If there are still teams available after a couple days, then I will allow people to take second teams(I will explain that later)

HawksDraftAnalystDikembe Mutombo
CelticsSchlenksystemLarry Bird
NetsWHYDrazen Petrovic
HornetsMiamiHurricanesGlen Rice
BullsDH10Michael Jordan
Cavaliersnone(Mark Price, Big Z, Nance)
MavericksTanner1Dirk Nowitzki
NuggetsBonesisawesomeDavid Thompson
PistonsMiamiHurricanesIsiah Thomas
WarriorsLogoLillard(Wilt, Barry, Mullin)
RocketsKnickstapeHakeem Olajuwon
PacersOlseneli000Jermaine O'Neal
Clippersnone(McAdoo, World B. Free, Brand)
LakersChrisgon0203Magic Johnson
GrizzliesSchlenksystemMarc Gasol
HeatTHEGRUDGE(DWade, Mourning, Tim Hardaway)
BucksJColetheGOATKareem Abdul-Jabbar
TimberwolvesLiambro2003Kevin Garnett
Pelicansnone(Baron Davis, Mashburn, David West)
KnicksDalegend1Patrick Ewing
ThunderOlseneli000Gary Payton
76ersKingCrossthemanAllen Iverson
SunsDalegend1Amar'e Stoudemire
Trail Blazersnone(Drexler, Walton, Maurice Lucas)
KingsJColetheGOATOscar Robertson
SpursGballer179Tim Duncan
RaptorsRaptorsfan01Vince Carter
JazzBurgerDSportsJohn Stockton
WizardsDraaftAnalystWes Unseld