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Warriors Have Depth At The Shooting Guard Position.. Who Will Start At SG While Klay Is Gone?? : THE 5 OUT Newsletter

The Warriors are a contending team... The only problem is that Klay Thompson is out until December. To know why this is a big deal, let me tell you the basketball story of Klay Thompson.

  1. The Basketball Story Of Klay Thompson:

Klay Thompson is the son of former Los Angeles Lakers player Mychal Thompson. Klay used to do 1v1s against him when he was a kid. Because Mychal was 6'10, Klay couldn't get to the rim and so he was forced to shoot. He was really good, and everybody knew that he was going to be really good one day. When Klay was in junior high, he met someone who changed his life. His name was Dr. Joseph Kaempf. He was his coach, and he taught Klay how to have the perfect shooting form. Fast forward later, and Klay is playing for Washington State University. During his three years with the team, he averaged 17.9 ppg, along with shooting 39.0 percent from three. This caught the attention of the Golden State Warriors, who selected him with the 11th pick in the 2011 NBA draft. Fast forward to present day, and now Klay is one of the best Warriors players of all time. He has the record for most threes in a game, won three championships, and scored 60 points on a 11 dribbles. You also can't forget about his amazing defense and his five all star appearances. The problem is that Klay is out with injury until late December of this year. This is a huge problem considering all of the career accolades I just mentioned. But is this a big problem? Do the Warriors have good enough shooting guards that can replace Klay in the starting lineup until December? Here are my candidates: Jordan Poole, Juan Tascano Anderson, Damion Lee, and Moses Moody.

  1. Moses Moody

Moses Moody was drafted with 14th overall pick in the NBA draft. He was considered one of the best three point shooters in the 2021 NBA draft class. He played one year in college with Arkansas. He averaged 16.8 ppg along with shooting 35.8 percent from three. Considering that he was a lottery pick and a young player who plays the shoot guard position, the Warriors might have taken him to replace Klay in the starting lineup. That was only the first candidate, and we have three more to go!!

  1. Damion Lee:

Last year, Damion Lee was a solid role player. He shot 39.7 percent from three, but that is not the main reason why I chose him to be a candidate. The main reason why I chose him was because of his clutch performances. I can list two off the bat from last year. I remember the play like it was yesterday.. Damion lee tries to inbound the pass in to Curry, but he for some reason he can't. He eventually inbounds the pass in to Looney, who then does a dribble hand off to Lee. Lee attempts the shot, and makes it!!! There was another one against the Raptors, but there is not much to breakdown because all he did was shoot free throws to win the game.

  1. Juan Tascano Anderson:

Juan Tascano Anderson's impact does not show up in the box score, but on the court. He is a really good defensive player, and he his tough physically and mentally. He had the balls to trash talk Lebron James. Imagine a player, who most people never even heard of trash talk Lebron!!! Also Juan is a REALLY good three point shooter. He shot 40.2 percent from three.

  1. Jordan Poole:

Jordan Poole was really great last season. He averaged 12.0 ppg and he shot 35.1 percent from three. I knew he was special last year, but in the pre season.... he was AMAZING!! Sure it's only the pre season, but with what we saw last year and in the pre season, I think he will be great. He was second in ppg in the pre season right behind Stephen Curry.

After taking all of that in to consideration, I think Jordan Poole will start for the Golden State Warriors until Klay comes back in December!! Make sure to leave your opinion in the comments below, and to like this post!