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  1. Nets

    The Nets are the obvious choice here. The Nets are finally healthy, and they even added new additions to the team. Players like Patty Mills, Paul Milsap, and Lamarcus Aldridge.

  2. Bucks

    The Bucks are the defending champions, and Giannis is one of the best players in the world. People like Bobby Portis and Khris Middleton proved they can step up in last years playoffs. I also like the addition of Grayson Allen because they are no longer weak at the SG position. There defense is going to be one of the best in the league. Some of their notable defensive players are, Jrue Holiday, Giannis, Brook Lopez, and Donte Divencenzo.

  3. Hawks

    The Hawks are a very underrated team. They just made it to the Eastern Conference Finals and they are still get slept on. John Collins is going to be an amazing player this season. He will shoot the ball, and have a bunch of highlight level plays next year. Clint Capela is going to be a defensive power house next year. I think he will have a Dikembe Moutombo type year. Lets not forget about Trae Young. He was a beast in the playoffs, and he stepped up in huge moments. The Hawks are a very deep team, and they will succeed a lot this year.

  4. Heat

    The Heat have made huge additions this offseason. They resigned Victor Oladipo and Jimmy Butler. They traded for Kyle Lowry, and they signed P.J Tucker who was a key part to the Bucks championship. Tyler Herro, who was disappointing last year will be motivated to have a great season to prove all the haters wrong!

  5. Bulls

    The Bulls were great in the offseason! The first thing they did was to sign Lonzo Ball. This is great because Lonzo will pass the ball to Lavine at a high level, because of Lonzos great vision and playmaking. They also signed Alex Carouso, who will improve their defense a lot. Last but not least, they were able to get their hands on Demar Derozan. He was an all star snub, and to have 3 all stars on the same team, is perfect for a contending team.

  6. 76ers

    The Ben Simmons drama is getting out of hand, and it is looking like he won't even be traded because the 76ers are over valuing him. This will ruin the team chemistry, and if he doesn't he even show up, will be a big loss. The 76ers drop dramatically from last year, and it will be all on Ben Simmons.

  7. Knicks

    I liked the Knicks offseason this year. They resigned Derrick Rose who was their best player in the playoffs, they resigned their all star, and they brought in Kemba on a team friendly deal. The Knicks would have been higher, if there were not a bunch of teams that improved.

  8. Celtics

    The Celtics are a confusing team for me. They could be really good, or at the end of the play in tournament. Their first move was to trade for Al Horford by giving up Kemba and #16. I didn't see what the point of that was, because Kemba is better than Al and they still had to give up #16. I do not expect all of smart moves from the Celtics this year, because they have a first time GM in Brad Stevens.

  9. Raptors

    The Raptors are a very interesting team. Last year the failed to do anything, because they were playing in Tampa, away from Toronto. This year they will be playing in Toronto again, and they will actually be comfortable. I also like the pick of Scottie Barnes because The Raptors main issues are Point Guards and Centers, and Barnes can play both positions. I also expect Siakiam to be better this year.

  10. Pacers

    T.J Warren will be out again, which is a huge blow for them but Caris Levert stepped up last year. I also like the defense of Turner, and the rebounding of Sabonis. Malcom Brogdon will have another great year with the Pacers. Isiah Jackson also gives more depth the center position.

  11. Hornets

    The Hornets have a great team. The lost Graham, but they got Oubre. There roster is pretty much the same, but they were really good in the draft. I like MJ drafting James Bouknight. He is a skilled offensive player, and I'd compare him to Jordan Clarkson.

  12. Wizards

    Another disappointing season for Bradley Beal and the Wizards. The fit of Bertans and Montrez won't fit well, and Kuzma will be terrible. They fail to anything again, and after the season, Beal requests a trade.........

  13. Pistons

    The Pistons draft Cade Cunningham with the first pick. Grant and Cade prove to work together, and they create a solid duo. It won't be enough to make in to the playoffs, but it will be a good year to watch Pistons basketball.

  14. Cavaliers

    The Cavaliers have an aging Kevin Love, they lost Larry Nance, and there is some drama surrounding Collin Sexton. There is a rumor that the Cavs are willing to give up a bunch of assets for Ben Simmons. If that happens, the Cavs will be interesting.

  15. Magic

    Last year the Magic blew up the team to start a rebuild. They drafted Jalen Suggs who fell to them, the have Fultz who improved before he was hurt, and Cole Anthony proved that he should have been drafted higher.

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