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CraftedNBA lineup tournament

Recently, the user ArmChairGM has an interesting series that I took part in. The point of the series was for users to create starting 5s using CraftedNBAs lineup creator, but there were specific guidelines that the user had to follow. After a certain amount of time, ArmChairGM would rank the lineups (you can go ask him or look at his posts for this series so you can see specifically how he ranked them). This was a fun series. I enjoyed making the lineups and it actually made me think about how the lineup I was creating would fit together and how successful they could be. Well, this series sprung an idea in my mind. A new version of this series. It has the same idea of creating the lineups on CraftedNBA with specific guidelines, but with my own twist on it. So without further ado, I introduce you to the CraftedNBA Lineup Builder Tournament!

(I did get ArmChairGMs permission to do this series so I am not stealing the idea)


In this series, 16 users will compete in a March Madness Conference style of bracket. You, as a user, will go head to head with another user, attempting to create a better starting 5 using specific guidelines. After the users create the lineup and the lineup is looked over to make sure it is valid, I will carefully analyze each starting 5. I will then pick a winner. The winner will move on to the next round.

For those to you who do not know what CraftedNBA is, it is an NBA website for us basketball nerds who love advanced stats. It’s actually a really neat website, so definitely check it out when you get a chance. What we will be using for his series is the Lineup Builder that is on the Website. You are given 25$ to create a starting 5. The best players in the NBA, such as Giannis, cost 9$. The prices get progressively lower and the players get progressively worse until you reach the 1$ players.


You won’t just have free reign over what starting 5 you create. Each round, you will be given a specific set of guidelines that you most follow when creating your lineup. For example, if I said that for one starting 5 you could not have any All Stars, you would not be able to have any all stars. If your submitted starting 5 does contain an all star, your lineup will be voided and you will have to recreate your lineup. Now the guidelines for this series won’t be as simple as that, but that is just to give you an idea of how this will work


Here is how the bracket will work. Once we have 16 users signed up, I will rank them all from 1–16. I’m not sure yet if this will be a random order or a specific order based off something, but we will figure it out soon. Once the users are ranked, this is how the first round matchups would work.

1 vs 16

2 vs 15

3 vs 14

4 vs 13

5 vs 12

6 vs 11

7 vs 10

8 vs 9

So as you can see, it is the exact same way March Madness brackets work for each conference. The 1 seed plays the 16 seed, the 2 seed plays the 15 seed, and so on.


Once each starting 5 is submitted, I will begin the judging process. Now how I judge each lineup may differ depending on the guidelines, but here is the basic process for how I will judge the lineups.

First, I will see what the strengths for each lineup are. Second, I will see what each teams weaknesses are. Third, I will compare each teams strengths and weaknesses. Fourth, I will compare each individual player. Finally, I will use all of the information I have gathered and will come to a conclusion. That will be my judging process.

Now this is a lot of work for just me, so I may look to add someone to be a judge along with me. That’s not confirmed yet though.

Final Notes

Here are a few final things you need to know heading into this.

• Once two valid lineups are submitted by the users facing off against each other, the judging process will begin. The judging process should last no longer than 24 hours. I am a busy man though, so it may take longer sometimes. I will try to not let that happen though.

• This will begin once all 16 spots are filled and I have everything ready for it.

• Tell other people about this! I want this to fill up as fast as possible!

Alright that is pretty much it! Thank you for reading this, and get ready for an awesome series!

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