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Top 50!!!

Aye I finally made it to the top 50 creators!!!

Got a few shoutouts I’d like to give to those that helped me out along the way.

Big thanks to Shooter… he was my first follower on the site. The whole reason I created this account was to join his mock. That didn’t work out, but no hard feelings lol.

Big thanks to Chrisgon as he gave me my “big break” by letting me in his mock.

Big thanks to SchlenkSystem as he was my 2nd follower and my first true friend on the site.

Big thanks to Bron and Kyrie as they’ve helped me a lot in the past few months. We ran a mock together, and they give me feedback on most of my posts before I post them.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone to comments on my posts with their thoughts and opinions. I was going to name everyone, but I was afraid I’d leave someone out. You all know who you are tho.

I guess I’m coming for the #1 spot now lol