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All-Time Mock Sign-Up!!!

TRADING MAY BEGIN!!! Also Remember You Have Picks!!!

Update: There is no salary cap, but teams are limited to at max 15 players until the draft.

The All-Time Mock, where the greatest players of all time from your favorite team assemble in 2021.

FOR CLARIFICATION: This is what you think it is. Make a roster of 15 players that are, over ALL TIME, the best players to play on your team.

For more clarity, it is that version of the player who played. So Lakers Shaq is Lakers Shaq, not Magic Shaq.

Here are some rules:

  1. Duplicates are allowed. Cavs LeBron and Lakers LeBron both exist.

  2. If you choose a player, they are the version they were when on the team. So, LeBron for the Cavs would be prime LeBron.

But, if you also wanted rookie LeBron, you could have two LeBrons on your own team BECAUSE HE PLAYED FOR THE TEAM TWO SEPARATE TIMES!!

  1. You can have present-day players. EX: Hawks With Trae, Dallas With Luka

  2. We will do the 2021 College Draft over again.

  3. We will hopefully make this a continuation league.

  4. Have a blast!!!

I am the Hawks and to whoever becomes the Jazz, I want Stockton.

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