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Rank the unknown prospect #3

Just a fun challenge, see how you would stack up these prospects based off the information given. If you have questions, feel free to ask.

1st list:

2nd list:

4th list:

5th list

6th list:

7th list:

8th list:

Prospect A

  • 6-8

  • 7-1 wingspan

  • 240

  • 21 years old

  • Built frame, fairly lean

  • Mediocre first step, decent lateral quickness, 33 inch vertical

  • Huge hands, 9.25 inches in length and 10.25 in width

  • Footwork down low is competent and has a baby hook shot over the right shoulder that's fairly reliable, counters with a dropstep if overplayed, can take a mismatch into the paint with some success, not to be confused with a go-to guy

  • A decent stationary catch and shoot player, range extends to the 3 point line

  • Physical post defender, contest shots at the rim with moderate success, not a shot blocker, can have lapses as a team defender with rotations, hardly ever gets into foul trouble

  • Lateral quickness on the perimeter is just good enough to switch onto a good chunk of ball handlers

  • Below average rebounder on both ends, not great at boxing out

  • Is a viable pick-N-pop threat

  • Draws hardly any free throws, shots 75% at the line

  • Has a good enough handle to take a dribble to beat a slower defender on a post delivery, but not much more than that

  • Not much of a playmaker

Prospect B

  • 6-10 height

  • 7-2 wingspan

  • 245 IBS

  • 20 years old

  • Decent first step, poor lateral quickness, 29 inch vertical jump

  • Big dude with wide shoulders

  • When he gets a second to speed up, is a nice finisher in the open court

  • Great playmaker out of the high post, finds cutters and shooters with ease, unselfish player

  • Handle isn't good enough to be on the perimeter consistently, but can take a flat footer big into the paint from a face up position, especially going left

  • A competent scorer out of the post as he can take advantage of mismatches consistently, is left handed and has a decent amount of moves, decent footwork with more room to grow

  • Draws a decent amount of free throws drawn, shoots around 70% once there

  • Jumpshot is not good from mid range, no 3 point shot to speak of

  • Not a good pick-N-roll lob target, but can finish of a pick-N-roll with touch around the rim

  • Screen setting is normally solid

  • Boxes out well, quality rebounder on both ends

  • Lateral quickness on the perimeter is not a strong suit to say the least, can get cooked

  • Rim protection isn't good and doesn't swat away many shots, but uses his length to contest some shots around the rim

  • Reads passing lanes pretty well, comes up with steals

  • Sturdy post defender, stays out of foul trouble often

Prospect C

  • 6-10 height

  • 7-7 wingspan

  • 220 IBS

  • 22 years old

  • Good lateral quickness, first step isn't notable, 28 inch vertical jump

  • Lanky frame

  • Runs the floor extremely well on the break

  • Massive hands, 9.75 inches in length and 11 inches in width

  • Developing post game, but is far from being reliable as he's inconsistent at taking advantage of a mismatch, not his strongest trait

  • Active help defender, really covers up a lot of mistakes his teammates make

  • Against the pick-N-roll, his agility and length make him ideal in drop coverages, is capable at stepping out and defending ball handlers in a pinch

  • Not the best defender against brute force post players, can be overmatched, prone to commiting a lot of fouls

  • Quick leaper that allows him to block shots regularly at a high level, let him be a lob target, and get rebounds where others can't

  • Solid rebounder on both ends

  • Decent screen setter who will make sure one is set before rolling to the rim

  • Jumpshot is a nonfactor

  • Isn't much of a playmaker, not much of a handle either

  • Doesn't draw many free throws, converts 55% of his attempts at the line

Prospect D

  • 6-10 height

  • 7-0 wingspan

  • 225 IBS

  • 21 years old

  • Lanky frame

  • Good lateral quickness, decent first step, 36 inch vertical

  • Shows touch to around 10 feet away from the rim and in, can take a mismatch to the post with some success, nothing confused with "go-to scorer" down low

  • Explosive leaper, lets him be a ideal lob target and a decent shot blocker

  • Lateral quickness allows him to rotate and stay in front of the ball handler when guarding the pick-N-roll with some consistency

  • Is prone to being overpowered in the post by players who are bigger playing bully ball, gets into foul trouble fairly easily

  • Tenacious rebounder, especially on the offensive glass, and boxes out well

  • Not much of a playmaker, mostly a finisher

  • Great screen setter, consistently puts in effort

  • Draws some free throws when rolling to the rim, shoots 62% at the line

  • Handle is not good enough to take his man off the dribble

Prospect E

  • 7-0 height

  • 7-7 wingspan

  • 225 IBS

  • 21 years old

  • Decent lateral quickness, 31 inch vertical, first step is average

  • Although not currently the biggest, it's obvious that his frame has a lot of room to fill out

  • When guarding the pick-N-roll, he's extremely reactionary and upright, vulnerable to smart pick-N-roll operators, puts in inconsistent effort defensively, at times being incredibly sluggish, other times he looks great on rotations and puts in effort

  • Rim protection is great with his incredible length and height, will chase blocks at times though to the detriment of the team, can be prone to fouling too much

  • Nice lob target that draws a lot of attention to him at the rim

  • Low post game is a work in progress, has shown some touch down low to suggest he has potential in this area, but not good currently

  • Great rebounder on both ends

  • Doesn't show a good feel for the game

  • Not much of a handle and isn't a playmaker

  • No consistent jumpshot to speak of

  • Screen setting is inconsistent, either it's excellent or it's laughably lazy

  • Draws a decent amount of free throws, converts 59% when at the line

  • Has shown emotional immaturity, goes through phases of being engaged and pouty

Prospect F

  • 6-10 height

  • 7-4 wingspan

  • 240 IBS

  • 23 years old

  • Long, lean frame

  • Exceptional lateral quickness for someone his size

  • Baseline to baseline speed is average

  • Isn't a super explosive athlete

  • Gets high off the ground quickley, great standing vertical (31 inches)

  • Has shown flashes of being competent as a playmaker from the eblow

  • Not much of a handle, someone who doesn't play on the perimeter

  • Not a good post player, inconsistent footwork and no go-to move

  • Sets good screens on a consistent basis

  • Can stay in front of quick ball handlers out of the pick-N-roll quite easily, super switchable

  • Draws a decent amount of free throws, shoots 69% at the line

  • Swats a ton of shots away and tries to keep the ball in bounds while doing so, can be foul prone

  • Has shown small flashes of range on the jumper, but it's still not good enough for defenses to respect

  • Mediocre post defender against bigger guys

  • Incosistent at boxing out at best, poor rebounder for his size