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Rank the unknown prospects #4

Just a fun challenge, see how you would stack up these prospects based off the information given. If you have questions, feel free to ask.

1st list:

2nd list:

3rd list:

5th list

6th list:

7th list:

8th list:

Prospect A

  • 6-3 height

  • 6-9 wingspan

  • 19 years old

  • 195 IBS

  • Not super stocky, but a solid frame

  • Top tier first step, lateral quickness, and baseline to baseline speed

  • High vertical (39 inches), can play above the rim

  • Fluid movements around the rim, can finish with both hands effectively, jaw dropping body control

  • Fantastic vision in the open court, still solid in the half-court, a true floor general

  • Solid out of the pick-N-roll, great downhill player once he turns the corner

  • Gets to the free throw line quite often, where he shoots 75%

  • Great with angles as a scorer to the rim and with passing windows

  • Sharp handle, shifty, has a ton of moves to get to the rim

  • Exudes confidence

  • Plays at a fast pace, but never out of control

  • Big hands, 9.5 in length

  • Shows leadership skills, does it vocally

  • Willing defender, likes to get in the passing lanes and is capable of creating havoc as a point of attack defender

  • Inconsistent jumper both off the catch and dribble, trajectory on the shot can be a bit flat

  • While he isn't a small player, will have to develop more strength to finish around the rim more consistently

Prospect B

  • 6-10 height

  • 7-6 wingspan

  • 290 IBS

  • 20 years old

  • Wide shouldered, big body

  • Less than 28 inch vertical, not a great first step, poor lateral quickness, not explosive one bit

  • Extremely fluid, nimble body movements, great reflexes, light feet, fundemantally sound footwork

  • Great hands and a incredibly soft touch around the rim, gifted finisher

  • Has a handle that can attack other bigmen off the dribble to the cup with crossovers and spin moves

  • Great post scorer, can face up and take it off the dribble or can go to one of many moves on the low block for a easy bucket, incredibly strong, works well even in tight spaces

  • Sets solid screens and rolls to the rim well, can also pick-n-pop with some success too

  • He's a nice lob target with his great length and fantastic hands

  • Draws a ton of free throws, shoots 68% at the line

  • Has the ability to protect the rim, decent weakside shot blocker, plays the passing lanes well, a good post defender down low

  • Lacks consistent focus and intensity on defense, gets in foul trouble quite easily

  • His lack of lateral quickness makes it a challenge to defend pick-N-rolls, gets burned frequently

  • Inconsistent jumpshot from the perimeter, has tried to shoot 3's but hasn't been good at them yet, form looks good though

  • Menace on the glass on both ends, boxes out well

  • Shows solid and creative court vision for a big, turns over the ball a lot though

  • Plays with his emotions on his sleeve, can lead to trouble and known to be a hothead, this tends to effect his play substantially

  • Is a little overweight at the moment, would need to trim down a bit

Prospect C

  • 6-9 height

  • 7-4 wingspan

  • 245 IBS

  • 19 years old

  • Built frame, wide shouldered, and still plenty of room to fill out

  • Good lateral quickness, 35 inch vertical, Great baseline to baseline speed, explosive athlete, will have to improve his conditioning though

  • Sets quality screens, rolls hard to the rim

  • Great lob target with his vertical jump, length, and soft hands

  • Quick in the post with a decent mini right hook, devesating drop step, and a nice spin move to either side, although has to be better at identifying what the defense gives him instead of forcing the issue

  • Finished well with both hands at the rim

  • Great on the boards, especially the offensive glass where he's a beast, boxes out well

  • Doesn't handle double teams well, not a good playmaker out the post

  • Draws a decent amount of free throws, shoots 63% at the line

  • Jumper is inconsistent from mid range and no 3 to speak of, but the stroke looks promising

  • Nice shot blocker, rotates well, can be foul prone though, at times he appears to be upright and flat on his feet

  • Tries to be a physical post defender, but will have to bulk up a little bit more to fully maximize this area

  • Athletically is quick enough to not get burnt on the perimeter, but has to clean up his footwork first

  • Not a boastful person, level headed, lets his game do the talking