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Official 2021- 2022 NBA Season Predictions!! Standings, Awards, All NBA Teams, And Finals Predictions

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Western Conference

  1. Lakers

  2. Warriors

  3. Suns

  4. Jazz

  5. Clippers

  6. Nuggets

  7. Mavericks

  8. Trailblazers

  9. Grizzlies

  10. Timberwolves

  11. Pelicans

  12. Spurs

  13. Kings

  14. Rockets

  15. Thunder

Eastern Conference

  1. Nets

  2. Bucks

  3. Hawks

  4. Heat

  5. Bulls

  6. 76ers

  7. Knicks

  8. Celtics

  9. Raptors

  10. Wizards

  11. Pacers

  12. Hornets

  13. Cavaliers

  14. Pistons

  15. Magic

NBA Finals Predictions

Nets vs Warriors

Warriors win in 6

FMVP: Stephen Curry


MVP- Stephen Curry (Kevin Durant and Lebron James runner-ups)

ROTY- Jalen Green (Cade Cunningham and Josh Giddey runner-ups)

SMOTY- Derrick Rose (Jordan Clarkson and Kevin Hureter runner-ups)

DPOY- Jrue Holiday (Bam Adebyo and Draymond Green runner-ups)

MIP- Jordan Poole (Michael Porter Jr and Terrence Mann runner-ups)

COTY- Frank Vogel (Steve Kerr and Nate Mcmillan runner-ups)

All NBA Teams

First Team:

Stephen Curry Luka Doncic Lebron James Kevin Durant Nikola Jokic

Second Team:

Trae Young James Harden Paul George Giannis Joel Embiid

Third Team:

Damian Lillard Chris Paul Jimmy Butler Anthony Davis Bam Adebyo