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Give me your top 5 mocks of all-time on this site.

Shoutout to Bron for this idea, but I want to make a "consensus top 5 mocks" or the best ones due to lots of debates. So in the comments, tell me your top 5 and we'll add it. I'll end January 17th (a week from now) and will release results then. I won't vote since I haven't been on here long enough but here we go: (BTW if you want, you could include explanations? Not needed though and don't vote for my mocks just cause I posted this lol)

  1. Andrewatto0's mock

  2. ShooterMcGrady's OG mock

  3. ArmChairGM's mock

  4. Chrisgon0203's mock

  5. Tie: JColeTheGoat's BITP and Spurs4Ever's mock draft mock

Almost making it:

Kyrie11BKN and Bron's MM mock, Hariz21's mock, SchlenkSystem's Expansion, Chrisgon0203 2.0 mock, Raptorsfan1 current mock