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Just some draft thoughts that I have had recently, really no rhyme or reason

Umm just some thoughts i want to spew and idk how else to spew them to

Arizona is gonna have 4 first round picks calling it right now. Mathurin, Tubelis, Kerr Krissa, and Koloko are first round prospects. Jump on that train now

LSU is one of the freakiest defensive teams i have ever seen. Tari Eason is maybe the best wing defender in the draft, Darius Days is really solid, Efton Reid is great, Fudge+Pinson+Mwani+Gaines is insane, I love this team.

Building off of that, bet on defense over offense when scouting. Defense translates onto any team and in any scheme, offense doesn't always.

Another defense thought, stocks (steals+blocks) isnt important in the NBA, very important in college. It shows activity, effort, physicals, natural ability. Buy in on stocks

Taran Armstrong, top 25 pick, best passer in the draft.

Yannick Nzosa might not be a top 60 prospect, one of the hardest and fastest falls ive ever seen

Taevion Kinsey>Ben Mathurin

Daimion Collins>Jalen Duren

jalen duren has basically no star potential, because his iq and processing speed is lacking

Harrison Ingram is one of my favorite prospects in a while, so interesting and fundamentally sound, his post ups are crazy and i love them so much

5 NBA players on villanova, very sad for Bryan Antoine. i dont think 5 will get drafted but they probably should

dont disregard keegans brother kris. not as good at anything but dude is great in his own right

any questions?