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Trade Negotiations Page 2 For My Mock

Please comment who’s available on your squad & players you’re interested in.

Nice job on participation here on my mock so far to most of you. Keep negotiating so you can get the best possible offers. Oct 17 will be here in no time. And remember when you submit your trades, have the other team reply “I agree”.

Atlanta Hawks - Red Velvet Venom

Boston Celtics - Basketball

Brooklyn Nets - JHavoc08

Charlotte Hornets - LADodgers

Chicago Bulls - Lightzout☄️

Cleveland Cavaliers - Patrick Thanos

Dallas Mavericks - Vika’s Fan

Denver Nuggets - Jeremy Wynett

Detroit Pistons - ArmChairGM

Golden State Warriors - Christian Gonzalez

Houston Rockets - Accidental Genius(Me)

Indiana Pacers - ThreeTeamTradesNBA

Los Angeles Clippers - Nick Roth

Los Angeles Lakers - Westbrook=MVP

Memphis Grizzlies - LaurenceIsAlwaysAsian

Miami Heat - Raptors fan

Milwaukee Bucks - WHY

Minnesota Timberwolves - pg7

New Orleans Pelicans - A Duck

New York Knicks - Nickynyc

Oklahoma City Thunder - Igc

Orlando Magic - GoGiants26

Philadelphia 76ers - SixersGM

Phoenix Suns - Alanb8

Portland Trail Blazers - thepizzalover

Sacramento Kings - DaBoss052

San Antonio Spurs - Baller G

Toronto Raptors - OGdaGoat

Utah Jazz - Grantula

Washington Wizards - Jordan Poole Da 🐐🐐