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100,000 GM Score

WOW!! 100,000 GM Score and I am ranked 22nd!! This is amazing! I can't believe I was able to reach this point. I started doing Fanspo 4 months ago, but I made my account November 2020. I made a few trades (which are now deleted), and it was very fun. But I eventually forgot about it. What happens 7 months later is how I started doing Fanspo legitimately. It was around June or July. Some of you many know, that I do boxing. I am quite good, but one day I was extremely tired. During my rest I decided to take out my phone. I remember in my mind I was thinking about a trade that could possibly happen. That is when I remembered this website. I looked for a trade machine, and I rediscovered this site, but instead it was called Fanspo. I fell in love with it again, and it was great. A couple days later, somebody made the first "mock". His name was ShooterMcgrady. I joined it, and I was a terrible gm. I traded RJ Barret for pick 20!! I was too dumb, but this website helped me grow and give me more knowledge about my favorite sport. After that mock came and went, Hariz Syed made a mock. I was the gm of the Blazers, and my first move was to trade Dame!!! I traded Dame for Fred VanVleet, Kyle Lowry, and #4!! I could have gotten way more. After that mock ended, Dametime2010 and I decided to make one. It was arguably one of the top 3 mocks of the entire site!! It got so much attention, and that mock was what boosted up my account. We even finished the draft in a week! A bunch of people were participating!! I would like to thank everyone who joined that mock! Also, I want to thank people who were always nice and played a significant part of me being in the position I am today. Those people are: ShooterMcgrady, KingWinner, Quack, SchlenkSystem, Bear3236, Daboss052, WHY, WESTBROOKisGOAT, SixersGM, PieceCntrlYeet, Accidental Genius, Basketball, DameTime2010, and Dharsini8797.