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Trade Deadline Has Passed For My Mock, Time For The Next Steps, Which Includes A 2k22 Simulation.

Thank you to everyone for participating in my first created mock on this website. It went pretty smoothly for the most part & many of you were very easy to work with.

Now, onto the next thing. I will be making all the changes/trades & putting them into 2k22. It will be a 5 year simulation. After the 2022 season, I’ll let you know of the playoffs standings, NBA champions, awards, etc.. Then we will do the 2022 draft(1st Round Only). After that I will just sim 4 straight years & let you guys know the NBA champions, awards, & all that kind of stuff for each year.

• Note : I will be adding a year to each team’s top 10 players contracts. This way, people who traded for guys on expiring deals will have an extra year with them & higher chance to resign them. And don’t worry about bad contracts, I’ll know who’s your top 10 players you want that extra year on.


What I need from each of you? Please create a post & share the link in the comments below. Please follow this format so it can be easy for me to make all the adjustments in 2k. I will change tendencies for each team, as I know I’m start enough to know what’s best for each team’s roster construction.

(Title) Final Complete Roster For Accidental Genius Mock, Team Name..

Starting 5:

Player(Min), Player(Min), Player(Min), Player(Min), & Player(Min)

Backup 5:

Player(Min), Player(Min), Player(Min), Player(Min), & Player(Min)

Rest Of Bench:

Player(Min), Player(Min), Player(Min), Player(Min), & Player(Min)

Other Players:

Player 1, Player 2,….

Remember that you have a total of 240 minutes to allocate in your potential rotation.

Also, let me know of any special requests you want for your team like the coach’s game-plan & what system you want to run, so I can make those changes as well. I won’t allow any coach firing to hire someone with all A’s.

Then also let me know all the picks you have in the next five drafts.







Use my post down below as an example to create yours.


If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know down below.