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I am going to do an Auction Mock in the near future... and I am considering doing a bit of a twist. Which one should I do?

When I did a poll about 3 weeks ago, I was asking what kind of mock you guys wanted, and the auction-style mock won. After thinking about it, I thought to myself "What if I did it a little differently?". So here are the options I thought of:

Option 1: Build around a legend auction mock: Everyone chooses a team, and everyone chooses a player that doesn't currently play in the NBA that is on that all-time team(example: You choose Rockets, and you can get Hakeem; you choose Spurs and you can get Tim Duncan). There are also no duplicate players(Example: If you choose Cavs, then you can't get LeBron, the best option is Mark Price; if someone takes the Magic and takes Shaq as their legend, whoever takes the Lakers cannot have him as their legend, and their best option is prolly either Magic or Kobe). After everybody takes their team and their legend, all players other than your legends will be released into FA, and your legend stays on your team throughout the duration of the mock(unless you decide to trade him of course). Then we do an auction phase where we try to add current players to build around our legends.

Option 2: Protect a current player mock: Bron and Kyrie did a mock similar to this about 4 months ago where we got to take teams and we got to protect 3 players of our choice. This will be similar, except we will be protecting 1 player instead of 3(example: If you get Lakers, then LeBron can be your protected player; if you get Mavs, then Luka can be your protected player). Everyone other than your protected player will be released into FA, and there will be an auction phase to build around your protected player.

Option 3: Just do an auction mock where everyone is released into FA, just like what GBP and Gballer did

And also don't be saying what team you want for any of these mock ideas until I make the actual post for the mock.


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