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The Hunger Games: Fanspo Edition (Bloodbath)

The Bloodbath

After just a couple days of interviews, intensive training, and obviously trying to get sponsors, the tributes were thrown into the arena. After 60 seconds, the cannon sounded, and they were off.

Buki, StephForMVP, KnicksTape, NormalKingsFan, amdaymond, MeWasntHere and Yxzin quickly ran away, not wanting to die early. Everyone else ran into the Cornucopia, some to their impending doom, some to get weapons and a few kills.

KingK, being the fastest one, quickly found a clean coal in the Cornucopia. Dreamville found a full TANK in the Cornucopia. SchlenkSystem battled with SixersGM, getting the gory stuff started. SchlenkSystem defeated and killed SixersGM, marking our first death of the Hunger Games.
Curry4MVPS finds a Stalin mustache in the Cornucopia. Not my fault that the Hunger Games Simulator wanted to promote Communism. WaynoePotato found a landmine in the Cornucopia. That could be helpful. Cantstopthis battled with AsapCohen. This didn’t go well for him as AsapCohen defeated and killed Cantstopthis.
 AG_Atto0, being the GOAT, was the first tribute to find clean water in the Cornucopia. Mnort battled Showman, but since he’s so nice, he spared Showman’s life.
LogoLillard found an octobrush in the Cornucopia. I’m not gonna lie, I don’t know what that is. 
MohidHassan found a bow in the Cornucopia.
 I’m about to go full Katniss Everdeen on you guys, sorry. JColetheGoat found a frisbee in the Cornucopia.
 At least he won’t die of boredom.
Shooter battled with SuperKyrieFan. SuperKyrieFandefeats and kills Shooter.

At the end of the day, the Capitol anthem plays and the 21 remaining tributes pay their final respects to the 3 fallen tributes.