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Day 2 Auction League! The teams for today will be Grizzlies/Knicks/Pelicans!

Today, Auction day 2 will last from 8 AM to 5 PM everybody! If you're wondering who you received in day 1, here is the link I also want to create a post with everybody's team on it, so if you can, please make a post with the players you have so far. Lots of you spent a lot on day 1, so remember there is still 8 days after this one ahead of you. Last rule, if you want to increase your lineup, you can just bid 1 for any player who didn't get bid on yesterday.

Have Fun!

Miles McBride Sambinder69 Claimed!

Luka Šamanić

Garrett Temple CavsFan Claimed!

Jaxson Hayes Zimm_Sam Claimed!

Willy Hernangómez

Naji Marshall

Jose Alvarado

Gary Clark

Didi Louzada

Santi Aldama

Shaq Buchanan

Jarrett Culver Zimm_Sam Claimed!

DaQuan Jeffries

Tyus Jones KnicksTape Claimed!

John Konchar StephForMVP Claimed!

Dakota Mathias

Ja Morant 50 Memphis Grizzlies

Xavier Sneed

Tyrell Terry

Jon Teske

Killian Tillie