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Official Offseason Mock by Kyrie and others! Join now!!!

Welcome to the 2022 Offseason mock! This will be a mock run by me and LogoLillard. Others will help out too as well such as Bron and ASAP for other parts of the mock. We will run a quick offseason headlined by a full season


Trading will be normal with a few rules added in. We will not have untouchables and there will be a trade negotiations page right here. (BTW, Bron will handle this):

BTW please use the negotiations page only since it gets messy to keep up with deals and no real negotiating on other teams pages. Anyways, I'd prefer to not have sweepstakes pages since it can get messy. Also, there is the ability to veto deals if they are too lopsided, unrealistic and superstars. And please be easy about it too. One last thing, is that trading starts at 30 teams!

Here is the official trade page with all the completed trades:


I want the draft to move swiftly as we move into other parts of the offseason. For the draft, I will have you submit a big board so I can just select for you and we can go quick. If you need help with it, we will have 3 scouts (ASAPCohen23, GoGiants26, DraftAnaylist) for advice. Big Boards:

Scout helping page:

Official Completed Draft (once done):

Free Agency:

I want to give a shoutout to GBP (GreenBayPackers) for this idea in his mock. We will have FA go over 6 days and will be 5 teams at a time. Basically, you get 10 bids daily, submit them and the best offer by the end of the day gets the player. I will add them like GBP's with results after. It will be very simple and the deadline for them will be 10 PM CT (translates to 11 PM ET, 8 PM MST and 7 PM PST). If you need a exception for living in a different zone, I'm down to that, just LMK about it and I can make accommodations.

Day 1 (insert teams here):

Day 2 (insert teams here):

Day 3 (insert teams here):

Day 4 (insert teams here):

Day 5 (insert teams here):

Day 6 (insert teams here):

Highest offer doesn't always win, so age and priorities are added in it and we are starting at each teams current salary, so search that up and I can help provide those too. MLEs are also added in here.

Season sim:

We will do a season sim once the offseason ends! We will have one stop at the trade deadline where you can deal for the entire day and we'll talk about that, once we cross that bridge. It will be a season sim like regular with playoffs and play-in. Good luck on that!


Also for rosters, please make a roster with picks and players so teams can understand who and what they want from you.

Atlanta: KnicksTape (

Boston: MNort_WindyCity

Brooklyn: KingK

Charlotte: GiannisTheGOAT (

Chicago: CooperOttaway25 (

Cleveland: Bear3236

Dallas: MeWasntHere (

Detroit: WestbrookIsGOAT

Denver: JoshJacksonPOG

Golden State: Chrisgon0203

Houston: DH10

Indiana: Gballer179 (

Clippers: OlsenEli000

Lakers: Rkenne16

Memphis: JColeTheGOAT (

Miami: Mnrobinson30


Minnesota: Bron

New Orleans: Quack

New York: MrWizard88 (

Oklahoma City: Curry4MVP (

Orlando: Raptorsfan126

Philadelphia: DameTime2010 (

Phoenix: LebronJames (

Portland: SchlenkSystem

Sacramento: KyrieAlt (

San Antonio: ASAPCohen23

Toronto: DaLegend1 (

Utah: TheGrudge

Washington: Splashking

Let's get it started!!!