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The Phoenix Suns are sending Eric Bledsoe to the Atlanta Hawks for Jeff Teague and a first round pick, full trade in description

The Phoenix Suns are sending recently acquired Eric Bledsoe and Channing Frye to the Hawks for Jeff Teague and the Hawks's first round pick in 2014

The Suns are clearly heading selling, with Nash and Amar'e, their former core departing for other clubs. They have entered a new era, and they will try get a franchise superstar to lead them, potentially coming from the next draft class, as they now owns 3 frps in the next draft (PHX, ATL, IND lottery protected). Suns can still look to flip Jeff Teague, and probably Gortat and Butler also, to full tank for top picks

And who else but the Hawks again. Now look at their lineup, Eric Bledsoe, Eric Gordon, Victor Oladipo, Paul Millsap, Ryan Anderson. Forming the ERIC DUO in the backcourt will be fun, they look for a perfect balance between offense with Eric Gordon, and defense with Bledsoe and Oladipo. We look forward to how will they finish up their squad, on the frontcourt, as they kinda small now

this team also now fully commits to trying to make a playoff push, as they have alrdy moved their 2 frps