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Rank the unknown prospects #6

Just a fun challenge, see how you would stack up these prospects based off the information given. If you have questions, feel free to ask.

1st list:

2nd list:

3rd list:

4th list:

5th list:

7th list:

8th list:

Prospect A

  • 6-6 height

  • 6-9 wingspan

  • 205 IBS

  • 21 years old

  • Wiry frame, 36 inch vertical, good lateral quickness

  • Capable on-ball defender with his wingspan and quickness

  • Decent off-ball player who likes to shoot the ball from distance, jumper looks great from the arms down, hands do have a slitch hitch at the end of the jumpshot motion, hits 3's at a good clip in college (38% on 6 attempts)

  • His basketball IQ needs work, doesn't have a great feel for the game

  • Can attack smaller players in the post with some success

  • Not much of a handle and passing vision is poor, not a natural shot creator for others

  • Likes to attack the rim where he draws a decent chunk of free throws, shoots 80% at the line

Prospect B

  • 6-7 height

  • 7-0 wingspan

  • 215 IBS

  • 22 years old

  • Wiry and strong frame, average lateral quickness, a fast straight line athlete, lower-mid 30's vertical, fairly quick first step, solid transition athlete

  • Decent jumpshot, can hit a catch-and-shoot 3 with some success, can come off screens as well, not a great off the dribble shooter

  • Plays with consistent effort and intesnity

  • Switchy on-ball defender with his incredible length, decent enough mobility and anticipation, also a solid team defender

  • His handle is good enough to attack a closeout to the hoop where he finishes fairly well, but not at the level to create his own shot from the perimeter, not much of a playmaker

  • Gets to the line at an average rate, shoots 76% at the line

Prospect C

  • 6-7 height

  • ~ 6-9 wingspan

  • 210 IBS

  • 22 years old

  • Fairly strong frame, but nothing special

  • Quickness is subpar, an average vertical jump, and first step is quite mediocre

  • Plays smart, picks his spots, not trying to prove anything, won't try to do too much, does all the little things

  • Uses his decent frame, wingspan, anticipation, and high level of understanding the game to be a competent wing defender and a solid team defender

  • Inconsistent jumpshot of the catch and dribble from both mid range and 3

  • Mediocre handle, but can attack a closeout, not a primary playmaker, but will make the extra pass consistently

  • Plays hard, a exceptional rebounder for his size

  • Gets to the free throw line a decent amount with his size, shoots 68% at the line

Prospect D

  • 6-5 height

  • 6-11 wingspan

  • 210 IBS

  • 19 years old

  • Strong and lean frame, 37 inch vertical, average lateral quickness, mediocre first step, fuild body movements

  • A lefty with a nice stroke with a quick release on the catch, has shown to be capable of 3 point range, decent off-ball player, but incredibly limited off the dribble game

  • Nice transition athlete, runs the floor well

  • His handle is quite underdeveloped, left hand dominate to the extremes, not much of a playmaker

  • Defensively is inconsistent at all aspects, team defender, on-ball, off-ball, it goes through a series of positive impact and head-scratching choices

  • Gets to the line often using his size to get to the rim, shoots 78% when there