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The Andrew Bynum exercise: Are teams too focused on wanting five out spacing?

With the pace and space of today's game, I thougut about if GM's undervalue the skillsets of objectively great players, this had me thinking about Andrew Bynum.

  • Efficient scorer, a TS% above 60% when he played with less than optimal spacing

  • A dominate post scorer

  • Great lob target, those arms got to everything that went up in the air

  • Those same arms made him a fantastic rim protector, can anchor a solid defense

  • Rebounding machine

  • Solid passer out the post

  • Not a floor spacer to the 3 point line, isn't someone who attacks closeouts

  • Wasn't the quickest on the petimeter

  • Gives any team a massive size advantage

  • Slows down the game to a grinding hault

With those traits, he was a positive on the floor on both sides of the ball. Lets compare him to other teams' best big and rank them.


76'ers: Joel Embiid vs Andrew Bynum

Bucks: Giannis Antetokounmpo vs Andrew Bynum

Bulls: Nikola Vucevic vs Andrew Bynum

Cavs: Jarrett Allen vs Andrew Bynum

Celtics: Al Horford vs Andrew Bynum

Clippers: Serge Ibaka vs Andrew Bynum

Grizzlies: Jarren Jackson Jr vs Andrew Bynum

Hawks: Clint Capela vs Andrew Bynum

Heat: Bam Adebayo vs Andrew Bynum

Hornets: Mason Plumlee vs Andrew Bynum

Jazz: Rudy Gobert vs Andrew Bynum

Kings: Richaun Holmes vs Andrew Bynum

Knicks: Julius Randle vs Andrew Bynum

Lakers: Anthony Davis vs Andrew Bynum

Magic: Wendell Carter Jr vs Andrew Bynum

Mavericks: Kristaps Porzingis vs Andrew Bynum

Nets: Blake Griffin vs Andrew Bynum

Nuggets: Nikola Jokic vs Andrew Bynum

Pacers: Domantas Sabonis vs Andrew Bynum

Pistons: Kelly Olynyk vs Andrew Bynum

Raptors: Pascal Siakam vs Andrew Bynum

Rockets: Christian Wood vs Andrew Bynum

Spurs: Jakob Poeltl vs Andrew Bynum

Suns: DeAndre Ayton vs Andrew Bynum

T-Wolves: Karl-Anthony Towns vs Andrew Bynum

Thunder: Derrick Favors vs Andrew Bynum

T-Blazers: Jusuf Nurkic vs Andrew Bynum

Warriors: Draymond Green vs Andrew Bynum

Wizards: Daniel Gafford vs Andrew Bynum


At worst and most perstimistic view possible, Andrew Bynum is better than 13 of these players. However, there is one glaring flaw in all of this; roster fit. Lets go to the 13 teams that don't have a shot of getting another bigman better than Andrew Bynum on their roster and ask the question about his fit.

Cavs: Is Evan Mobley better at C?

Celtics: Is Robert Williams a better fit for the roster?

Clippers: No true point and want to run five out lineups, is Bynum's paint presence worth it?

Grizzlies: Would Ja Morant need a stretch C, is JJJ's best position at center?

Hornets: Can Bynum fit in a fast paced system around LaMelo Ball?

Kings: Can Bynum fit in a (should be) fast paced system around De'Aaron Fox?

Knicks: Is Mitchell Robinson's athleticism on defense outweigh Bynum's offensive presense?

Nets: Would it be better to have five out spacing instead of Bynum's paint presence?

Pistons: Would it be better to have five out spacing instead of Bynum's paint presence?

Raptors: Does Bynum's paint presence outweigh the defensive versatility that Nick Nurse wants?

Rockets: Alpren Sengun was just drafted, does Bynum take priority over him?

Spurs: With all the slashers, is Bynum prioritized over their freedom to get to the rim?

Thunder: With the roster construction being "positionless", is it worth getting Bynum's paint presence?

Wizards: With the fast paced style, is he a good fit with the roster?