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The Atlanta Hawks are sending Ryan Anderson and Elton Brand to the Indian Pacers for Roy Hibbert

It's now the 5th trade of the Hawks this offseason, they successfully completely changed up their squad, now their starting lineup includes Eric Bledsoe, Eric Gordon, Victor Oladipo, Paul Millsap, Roy Hibbert, very very good defensive squad with some offensive power too, what a job they've done in this offseason, they look for a big big season

The Pacers here, not sure why they do this, probably they want to clear up 6M next season for resigning Paul George. Now their frontcourt includes David West, Luis Scola and Elton Brand, who are all above 33. They look to use their experience to lead this squad to success. Ryan Anderson also is a good addition to this Pacers team, given that the guys mentioned above are not good floor spacers