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🚨TOP 100 PLAYERS COMING IN TO THE 2022 NBA SEASON🚨 (PART 1)!!!!! Chrisgon0203 Article #6


  1. Kevin Durant - Kevin Durant had an amazing playoff performance last year, and we can not forget about that clutch shot in game 7.

  2. Lebron James- Lebron James is on the greatest NBA players of all time. After getting eliminated in the first round, it will be hard to stop him this season.

  3. Giannis Antetokounmpo- Giannis won a championship with the Bucks and won Finals MVP.

  4. Stephen Curry- Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter of all time, and he was an MVP finalist last year.

  5. Luka Doncic- Luka Doncic is a young star with a bunch of potential, and he forced the Clippers with a healthy Kawhi to 7 games.

  6. Nikola Jokic- Nikola Jokic won the 2021 NBA MVP award, and without Jamal Murray until January, he will be even more dominate.

  7. Trae Young- Trae Young is coming off of a dominate playoff performance! He led his team to the conference finals, and he is one of the most lethal shooters in the NBA.

  8. Paul George- Paul George will have an MVP type year. Without their best player Kawhi, Paul George will be the first option on the team. We saw how dominate Paul George was as a first option with the Pacers, and I have a feeling he will be even better.

  9. Jayson Tatum- Jayson had a ton of high scoring games last season, and it won't be any different this season. He has been an all star two times in a row, and this year without Walker he will be even more dominate!

  10. Joel Embiid- Joel Embiid is one the most dominate centers in the league. He was a MVP finalist and in consideration for Defensive Player of the Year.

  11. Damian Lillard- Damian Lillard will have a great year like he always does. He will shoot DEEP threes, and with no real help I can guarantee that he will have one of the best seasons in his career.

  12. Bradley Beal- He was second in the league in points per game, and with Westbrook gone he will have a career year.

  13. James Harden- Last year, James Harden was an elite passer. I think his amazing playmaking will prove well and he will lead the league assists because he has two stars on his team.

  14. Anthony Davis- Anthony Davis is injury prone, but when healthy he is the best defensive player in the NBA. He is also one of the few people who can shoot threes as a center.

  15. Chris Paul- He is coming off a huge playoff run, and since Chris Paul knows that this is one of his last opportunities to win a chip, he will play extra hard this season.

  16. Devin Booker- With Chris Paul's amazing playmaking, he will be able to give Devin Booker a ton of good looks.

  17. D'Angelo Russell- This might seem like a huge stretch, but D-Lo is a former all star. The only reason why he was never an all star after being on the Nets, was because of injuries. This year he is fully healthy and ready to dominate!

  18. Jimmy Butler- Jimmy Butler is more motivated than ever because many people have been making fun of the Heat after being swept in the first round. Jimmy Butler takes stuff personally.

  19. Khris Middleton- Khris Middleton proved that he can step up in huge moments in the playoffs. I expect him to be a clutch shooter and an elite three point shooter.

  20. Donovan Mitchell- Donovan Mitchell is one of the best dunkers today in the NBA and last year, the Jazz finished as the #1 seed with Mitchell as their best player.

  21. Jrue Holiday- Jrue Holiday is on of the best defensive players in the NBA, and we can not forget about that play where he took the ball from Devin Booker, and he threw an alley oop to Giannis!!!! It still gives me chills.

  22. Kyrie Irving- He would be A LOT higher, but he does not want to be vaccinated which won't allow him to play home games.

  23. Bam Adebyo- He was fourth last year in Defensive Player of the Year voting.

  24. Zion Williamson- He will not get as many good looks because Lonzo Ball joined the Bulls, but Zion will still be dominate and a high flyer.

  25. Rudy Gobert- Rudy Gobert is the best defender in the NBA and he is an elite rim protector.

  26. Karl Anthony Towns- Karl Anthony Towns will be healthy this year, and so he will be back to all star form.

  27. Brandon Ingram- Brandon Ingram will have a bigger role with Lonzo gone, and so they will rely on Ingram too shoot more threes. Luckily for the Pelicans, Brandon is a great three point shooter!

  28. Klay Thompson- Klay Thompson would have easily been a top 15 player, but he is coming off of two injuries and so his defense will decline. He will also not be playing enough games to be top 15 in the league. I guarantee that Klay will be a top five three point shooter this year though.

  29. Jaylen Brown- Jaylen Brown was an all star last year, and he proved that he can be a great defender and an excellent offensive player as well.

  30. Russell Westbrook- Westbrook lead the league in assists last year, and with new all star teammates his assist number will be even higher!

  31. Draymond Green- Draymond Green has elite passing, and he will give open looks to Klay and Curry. Also, Draymond has elite defense and can guard almost anyone!

  32. Ja Morant- Ja is a very athletic player. He is very flashy and he kind of reminds me of an MVP Derrick Rose.

  33. OG Anunoby- He is a great defensive player and he shows up in clutch moments.

  34. Deandre Ayton- Ayton came off of a great playoff performance and he is still a very young player. He was a HUGE part to the Suns playoff run.

  35. De'Aaron Fox- He is a very fast NBA player, and him being on a mediocre team will improve his numbers.

  36. Pascal Siakiam- Pascal was disappointing last year, but it was because the Raptors were playing in Tampa. This year, they will be back in Toronto where they feel comfortable.

  37. Julius Randle- He was an all star last season and even though he was disappointing in the playoffs last year, he will be motivated to shut up the haters!

  38. Domontas Sabonis- He is an elite rebounder, with the lack of a decent power forward he will be playing a ton of minutes.

  39. Michael Porter Jr- With Jamal Murray out until January, he will have to be the number two option on the team.

  40. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander- Shai is a great young NBA player, and with with an excellent playmaker (Josh Giddey) he will be getting many good looks.

  41. Tobias Harris- Tobias Harris will have to be the number two option to Embiid for most of the season because of the Ben Simmons drama.

  42. Clint Capela- I think Clint Capela will have a Dikembe Motoumbo type year! He will be a monster of the defense, and contribute in so many other ways.

  43. John Collins- John Collins was a great number two to Trae Young in the playoffs, and he dunked over Embiid many times in the postseason!

  44. Joe Ingles- Joe Ingles was amazing player last year, and he was top three in true shooting percentage!

  45. CJ McCollum- CJ is an okay number two option to Damian Lillard. Dame does not have much help, and so CJ will be getting the second most touches every game which will be great for him. Lets also not forget that CJ was having an all star year before his injury.

  46. Anthony Edwards- Anthony Edwards was great last year! He averaged over 17 points per game as a rookie!

  47. Andrew Wiggins- Wiggins got the vaccine!!!!! He is a great defensive and offensive player!

  48. Caris Levert- Levert will be fully healthy this season, and he will be playing some great basketball!!!

  49. Derrick Rose- Derrick Rose showed up in the playoffs last year, and he was even a Sixth Man of the Year finalist.

  50. Ben Simmons would have been WAY HIGHER but with all the drama going on, he might not play a game this year....