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Do you think Zion’s a bust? Or will be at least?

Yeah, I’m not joking. This deserves some real consideration. While I’m not saying he already should be classified as one, he has the potential to be one. Let’s just go over some numbers:

Drafted 1st overall in 2019, was 2019 POY at Duke and recipient of Wooden and Naismith awards. This dude was a beast in college. I remember seeing a 285 pound, 6’7” guy come running down the floor like LeBron and slamming in a Blake Griffin mega-slam. He was the most hyped-prospect since LeBron. And injury wasn’t that big a deal given his only significant one was when he tore his shoe open against North Carolina (if I remember correctly). Overall, the NBA looked like it was getting some kind of super-athlete, some kind of super-fast Shaq. Maybe even the next face of the league…

1st Year: Didn’t play until December, averaged 22.5 points on 58% shooting across 24 games. The injuries started relatively early. Zion sat out until December when he had a monster debut against the San Antonio Spurs and showed that he really could be a superstar. He then went on an inhuman run for a rookie, netting 23 point, 6 rebound, 58% FG averages across 24 games. He looked like a man on a mission, and even jumped into some Rookie of the Year talks, despite his limited sample-size. Morant eventually took the award, as he deserved, but Zion finished in the top 3 because of his monster performance…

Year 2: The Disney Bubble; averaged 27 points a game and 7 rebounds across 61 games, weighed around 300 pounds during the Orlando Bubble Zion was a monster in year 2. He clinched his first all-star nod, shot 61% FG, and played more than twice the amount of games as last year. All in all, it looked like Zion’s future was bright. Until…the Bubble. The numbers explain themselves: 18 points per game, 4 rebounds, 56% FG. These are HUGE drops in scoring and efficiency for a guy who was doing so great during the regular season. He also had a -22.8 net rating during the Bubble, meaning he wasn’t helping his team out too much in the minutes he played, which sure, wasn’t a lot. But, a -22.8 net across 104 minutes played is still not Zion-like. This all begs the question: Was it those 300 pounds that made him so ineffective in that stretch…

Year 3: Today and the future of Zion Williamson; he hasn’t played all of this year due to a fractured foot When someone of this size, and this weight and height, jumps up 45 inches in the air, how hard does he come down? How much pressure is put on those legs and feet? How does someone jump so high over and over again with those same measurements? The answer is, they can’t. Zion is one-of-a-kind. The only other players who have been that size can’t do that kind of thing. We’re talking about Robert Traylor, Shaq (an old one), Michael Sweetney, Oliver Miller, etc, you get the picture. His feet simply cannot handle this amount of jumping and this pressure. Simply put, if he doesn’t put off some weight, then this could be a very short career, and I’m not going to sugarcoat things: an extremely disappointing one. Maybe so far as to classify him as a bust. Honestly, I hope not, but I hope this gave you some insight on how things could go down. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to answer the poll!!! I’d also love to hear your thoughts on the situation, and basketball as a whole! I’d love to do more of these, so I want your insight!


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