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Grading 2022 Offseason Trades with Descriptions 💱💱💱

Brogdon-Celtics trade:

Pacers: B

I think they can get more out of Brogdon. Nesmith, frp, and saving 10M seems like an underpay. If they can receive 2 more srp then I think it's best return for them

Celtics: A

Steal for them. They need a true PG to handle the ball, or just one who can dribble, a true PG. Thought they just gonna sign one in FA but they ends up getting Brogdon after going into the finals... while not even giving up anyone from the Finals rotation, what a steal.

Murray-Hawks trade:

Spurs: C

I rlly don't understand why, they got into the play-in, Murray looks like he can continue improve, drafting Sochan looks like they can hv an elite defensive grp, instead they traded away one of the best defending guards in the league... I mean yea he might not extend his contract but still, don't trade him for now, try him out with the new squad. But then they got like 4 frps from that, it's ok return but just don't understand why they do that, Murray should be untouchable.

Hawks: A

They need perimeter D, they need another ball handler, they hv been trying to get Jrue Holiday and Marcus Smart for few years alrdy, now they got Dejounte Murray, basically the most needed player for that team. I like this so much. Hawks gonna be a problem next season, they now got way better on D

Gobert-Wolves trade:

Wolves: B-

Yes they got KAT, ANT as their future pieces, but they gave up 4 frps, for a guy taking max contract, which is not a good contract, bit of overpay for Gobert. And Beverly, Beasley and Vando, 3 guys who are main reason for the Wolves to make playoffs. Imo that is an overpay for Gobert, who I think not even a good fit in Wolves, I don't understand how KAT can play PF lol. I hope Wolves can get a true PG beside Gobert, or else im scared the Mitchell Gobert failure will happen once again

Jazz: A

They got big return for Gobert, Beverly can be easily flipped for at least 2 srps, Vando is a valuable piece for the team's future. Beasley can definitely score. And also Kessler to basically do what Gobert does. A great retool move for me

KCP-Nuggets trade:

Nuggets: B

I like them getting KCP for Barton, but I would rather them to keep Monte. He has been great with Jokic. He can be traded but then I think he hv greater value. Yes they saved cap in this trade but I do think they can get a bit more, 1 srp probably

Wizards: A-

Ofc sending away KCP is not good, but in return they got Barton, who still hv the D of KCP, and also Monte, that's the main guy. They need a PG, Monte will start for the Wiz probably

Burks-Noel-Pistons trade:

Knicks: C

First I think there must be teams that are interested in these 2 dudes and be willing to give up srp for them, they rlly don't need to rush trading them. Plus I don't like the Knicks signing Brunson, so yea don't like this for the Knicks.

Pistons: A

These 2 dudes they receive are very flippable. Maybe when they're both 1 year deal, or maybe this year's trade deadline, they can alrdy be flipped for 1 srp or 2, so yea and Pistons now don't hv any big free agents to sign, eating contracts is perfectly fine. Noel can probably mentor Duren as well

Kemba-13th pick-Pistons trade:

Pistons: A

Once again, eating contract is absolutely fine for them. And they got Duren here, this team need their future C, I believe Duren can be the guy

Knicks: C

Once again I don't like the signing of Brunson, so giving up picks again for other teams to eat contract isn't a good decision.

Hornets: B

Thought they're gonna move 13/15 plus maybe hayward or rozier to get another impactful guy, but at last they moved this pick away for future asset, so it isn't a bad move

OKC-Dieng trade:


After watching some summer league highlight, it just proves me why this is a D. One of Dieng's speciality is his vision, when the Thunder alrdy hv Poku who is a similar player, Chet who's kinda similar and Giddey, who needs the ball. Dieng can't even perform, till now I do think he will be a bust, and the Thunder traded 3 frps for him…

Knicks: A

I like it, they don't rlly hv a target here, I think getting future assets is probably the best decision

Wood-Rockets-Grizz-Wolves trade:

Mavs: B+

At least he's a frontcourt help, but the main thing Mavs need is paint D, and Wood's paint D isn't the best, I mean they signed Javale in FA, but still im a bit worried if they solved the problem, Javale's up there in age

Rockets: B+

For the Wood deal, I thought they can get back slightly more value, seems like just a 26th pick isn't good, but they manage to flip 26 for 29 and 2 srps, and they somehow get Tyty, that's a steal

Grizz: B

They moved up for LaRavia, idk what to say, mid pick, but they definitely can move up cus they're deep enough alrdy

Wolves: A

They at last got 22 and 26 for trading 19 and 2 srps, let's see who they got, Kessler, who ends up being in a trade for Gobert, if the Jazz aren't getting a young center back I think wolves will end up paying even more, so that actually is kinda good pick. For Wendell Moore, I like that, the team can use some more sharpshooting. I rmb in my final mock I drafted Agbaji to the Wolves, Wendell is kinda similar, so that's a W

Melton-76ers trade:

Grizz: B

I think Melton is very solid for them last year, I can see him being traded, but not for 23th pick, and they drafted Roddy after drafting LaRavia, I don't understand why they add anothet rook into the squad, while trading away melton who's big for them in the Playoffs

76ers: A-

They can definitely use a rook, but then Melton should be even better, he provides solid D and consistent shooting to the bench

30th pick-Nuggets trade:

Nuggets: A-

I like the idea to clear cap, and get another frp where they drafted the incredible defensive talent Peyton Watson, Nuggets can definitely use sb like this. I just dk should they give up frp for trades like this

Thunder: A

They can't just add so many rooks in, it's wise to trade away some late picks, and they get a future frp here, sticking to their theme

Huerter-Kings trade:

Hawks: A

I like it, they acquired Murray to play guard, they can ofc move a guard away, ofc I want them to move bogdan but no one will want bogdan. So they have to move Huerter, a frp in return is honestly good

Kings: C

Yes ofc that brings immediately help shooting-wise, but then that frp is problem. Kings is actively improving their roster, by 2024 they should at least make play-in. That pick I think it's top 10 protected (i might be wrong), Kings can be easily be 11-14th pick, and that will be a steal for the Hawks, so I don't like it

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