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Hawks get value for Collins, Pistons get first for Bojan, Clippers add scoring makes sense for all teams.




+2 players ($34.0m),
Cap Impact + $4.1M
  • Bojan Bogdanovic


    Bojan Bogdanovic
    SF, 6' 7", -0.88 LEBRON
    Recently Signed | Off Screen Shooter



  • Luke Kennard
    Luke Kennard
    SG, 6' 5", -1.44 LEBRON
    Movement Shooter




+1  Wins

+7.07  MPG

+2.93  Off.

-2.77  Def.



+3 players ($33.5m),
Cap Impact + $9.6M
  • Alec Burks
    Alec Burks
    SG, 6' 6", -0.06 LEBRON
    Secondary Ball Handler



  • Justin Holiday
    Justin Holiday
    SG, 6' 6", -2.86 LEBRON
    Movement Shooter



  • John Collins
    John Collins
    PF, 6' 9", 0.38 LEBRON
    Versatile Big




+1  Wins

+16.84  MPG

+1.98  Off.

-0.29  Def.



+2 players ($15.7m) +3 picks,
Cap Impact - $13.8M
  • Robert Covington
    Robert Covington
    C, 6' 7", 0.1 LEBRON
    Athletic Finisher



  • Amir Coffey
    Amir Coffey
    SG, 6' 7", -2.89 LEBRON



  • draft-pick-player

    2023 - Round 2

  • draft-pick-player

    2023 - Round 1

  • draft-pick-player

    2026 - Round 2


-2  Wins

-23.92  MPG

-4.91  Off.

+3.06  Def.

For the Clippers they are trading Kennard, Covington, Coffey and 2 second for Burks, Collins, and Holiday. This makes sense for them because Collins can pair perfectly with a guy like John Wall opening up more small ball lineups with him at the 5 instead of guys like Nic Batum and Marcus Morris. Burks would fit them because of his ability to come off the bench and play on the ball or off the ball. When he is on the ball he can give a team 15+ which is what the clippers need. After giving up Kennard, it would be ideal to get back some of that shooting and that’s what they are doing with Holiday. For the Hawks they are trading a first round pick, John Collins, and Justin Holiday for Bojan Bogdanovic, Luke Kennard and a second. In my opinion the fit with Collins and Young was great for a couple of years and then once they traded for Capela and drafted Onyeka, there wasn’t as much of a need for him, that’s why they are trading collins and getting someone who fits their current situation in Bogdanovic and improving shooting off the bench with Kennard who would play pretty big minutes for them. For the Pistons they are trading away Bojan and Burks and getting back a first a second, Covington and Coffey. While this may not look like a lot on paper the Pistons may just be winning this trade. Covington for the most part has been a consistent player over his career and recently something has been off. With a new situation and more minutes, this could get Covington back on track and get the pistons lots of value for him in the future, similar with Amir Coffey who is a talented 6’7 point guard type player but hasn’t gotten a real opportunity with good minutes but when we have seen him, he has been great. In the end the main reason the pistons want this is for the first round pick.

Clippers Pg:Jackson Sg:Pg13 Sf:Kawhi Pf: Morris/Collins: Collins is the better player just might be smarter to bring him off the bench C:Zubac Bench Pg:Wall Sg:Holiday Sf:Mann Pf:Batum C:Collins

Hawks Pg:Trae Sg:Murray Sf: Hunter Pf:Bojan C:Capela Bench Pg: Bogdan? Sg: Griffin Sf: Kennard Pf: Jalen Johnson C: Onyeka

Pistons Pg: Ivey Sg: Diallo Sf: Bey Pf: Stewart C: Duren Bench Killian Knox Noel and the rest are nobody’s