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+3 players ($42.8m) +2 picks,
Cap Impact + $14.3M
  • Buddy Hield
    Buddy Hield
    SG, 6' 4", -1.21 LEBRON
    Off Screen Shooter



  • Davion Mitchell
    Davion Mitchell
    PG, 6' 2", -1.92 LEBRON
    Secondary Ball Handler



  • Harrison Barnes
    Harrison Barnes
    PF, 6' 8", -1.35 LEBRON
    Stationary Shooter



  • draft-pick-player

    2022 - Round 1

  • draft-pick-player

    2024 - Round 1


+2  Wins

+55.11  MPG

+0.45  Off.

-7.11  Def.



+1 player ($33.0m),
Cap Impact - $14.3M
  • Ben Simmons
    Ben Simmons
    PG, 6' 11", 2.17 LEBRON
    Roll + Cut Big




-2  Wins

-55.11  MPG

-0.45  Off.

+7.11  Def.

Ben Simmons Drama:

According to, Ben Simmons does not plan to attend training camp. The twitter account announced that everyday he does not show up to practice he will be fined $227,000 dollars. Ben Simmons wants to be traded to a California team and they need to trade him quick. Ben Simmons had multiple disappointing playoff performances. He did not take a shot in the 4th quarter for 4 straight games. Not to mention his terrible free throw shooting. He shot 34.2 percent from the free throw line. NBA players took notice of this and they started doing an old method that NBA teams used to do with Shaq. It is called, "The Hack A Shaq". The goal was to foul Shaquille O Neal (FORMER MVP), every time he had the ball. They did this because Shaq was a horrible free throw shooter. The funny part is, that Shaq was always considered "the worst free throw shooter", but he had a career free throw shooting percentage of 52.7. That is 18.5 percent higher than Ben Simmons. Now that we got why the would trade Simmons, lets look at some offers that teams rejected for Ben Simmons.

Rejected Offers:

The first known offer that was revealed was Malcom Brogdon and the 13th pick for Ben Simmons. This was most likely rejected because the 76ers thought Ben Simmons was worth way more. The 76ers are trying to trade for an all star level player and I feel like Malcom is that guy. He averaged 21.2 ppg and 6 assists. I thing Malcom Brogdon is better than Ben Simmons in so many ways. Free throw shooting, playmaking, and 3 point shooting. In order to be successful in the NBA, you need to have a 3 point shot or at least attempt a couple of threes. Malcom hits 38.8 percent from 3 compared to Ben Simmons hitting 30 percent from 3. Another rejected offer was decline by the Raptors. The 76ers offer was Kyle Lowry, Fred VanVleet, OG Anunoby, and the 4th overall pick for Ben Simmons. Are the 76ers crazy???? Why would Toronto accept that? Unlike Ben Simmons, Fred Vanvleet and OG Anunoby show up in big moments. OG Anunoby hit that buzzer beater to win game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semi Finals. Fred Vanvleet led the Raptors in scoring with 20 points during game 7 of the semi finals against Boston. Last but not least, we have the Warriors. The 76ers offered Ben Simmons for Andrew Wiggins, James Wiseman, 7, 14, and 2 future firsts. To be honest I do not think the offer was bad, but I do not like the fit of Draymond and Ben Simmons. They would be terrible from the perimeter and offensively, they would struggle. The Warriors only accept this trade if they do not have Draymond or they trade him. That will not happen though because he plays a huge defensive role and he has next level passing for a big man.

Why This Trade Makes Sense:

The 76ers trade for Buddy Hield to take the pressure off of Joel Embiid because the 76ers are always relying on him on offense. Buddy Hield is a former 3 point contest champion so you know he can shoot the ball efficiently. They also get Harrison Barnes who was a key part of the 73-9 Warriors. The 73-9 Warriors were a historic NBA team and arguably they are the greatest NBA team assembled. The last piece is Davion Mitchell. The Kings get rid of him because they have to many point guards like Fox and Tyrese Haliburton. The Kings get Ben Simmons who will value him a lot because big name free agents or stars who want to be traded, do not want to come to Sacremento.

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